TEACH.org is the nation’s only nonprofit with a mission to rebrand the teaching profession as a top career choice and recruit the next generation of talented, diverse educators. TEACH.org began as an initiative of the U.S. Department of Education to address a national teacher shortage and became an independent 501(c)(3) in 2015.

TEACH.org receives tens of millions of dollars each year in donated ad placements, reaching millions around the country with an ad campaign that rebrands teaching. This ad campaign drives visitors to an online one-stop-shop, which is focused on a central challenge: how to inspire people to commit to teaching and support their steps to enter the profession, so we can increase the share of that population that ultimately becomes a teacher.

To harness the impact of its ad campaign and online platform, TEACH.org executes state- or metro area recruitment initiatives, in partnership with local partners and stakeholders. We currently have partnerships in Connecticut, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Kansas City, Houston, and North Carolina.