Transforming Education, Inc

Who we Are

Transforming Education (TransformEd) partners with school systems to support educators in fostering the development of the whole child so that all students, particularly those from marginalized populations, can thrive. 

At TransformEd, we envision a future in which all students become thriving adults, able and empowered to lead personally meaningful lives and to contribute to their communities.

What we Do

We partner with school and system leaders to identify and implement evidence-based practices and policies that create positive learning environments and support students’ social-emotional development.


TransformEd engages with educators to identify the priorities and assets of their community, set a strategy for supporting the whole child, and recommend corresponding measurement tools that are appropriate for their context.


TransformEd partners with educators to turn data into action plans, facilitate impactful professional development, and curate evidence-based resources related to whole child development.

Continuously Improve

TransformEd empowers educators to learn from and with their colleagues, engage in continuous improvement, and build the systems and structures needed to sustain their commitment to whole child development.

As we do this work, we draw  from research, best practice, and the input of diverse stakeholders; then we apply and share what we’re learning around three key questions:

  1. How can the practices, systems, structures, and environment of a school foster students’ social-emotional development?
  2. How can researchers and practitioners learn from one another in order to accelerate improvements in student outcomes?
  3. What are the most effective ways to prompt a paradigm shift towards schools developing the whole child?