Sep 09, 2019

Project Director

  • New Jersey Orators
  • 120 Finderne Avenue, Bridgewater Township, NJ, USA
Part-time Community Engagement and Outreach Product and Program Management Strategy and Planning

Job Description

New Jersey Orators, Inc.

Project Director Job Description



  • To coordinate the strategic goals and objectives of the assigned project assigned
  • To provide assistance in making sure all volunteers understand and follow the organization's philosophy, mission, strategy, and achieve its annual goals and objectives


JOB TITLE: Project Director




The Project Director is a member of the Orators’ staff. She/he is one of the organization's liaisons to private and public funding sources, financial institutions, community organizations, and the media. She/he oversees assigned program operations, and with direction from the Executive Director, or in his/her absence from the Co-founders and Executive Board, coordinates the activities of other program staff, interns, and/or volunteers.


The Project Director reports to the Executive Director or in his/her absence to the Co-Founders/Board of Directors and is responsible for: 

  • administering the project and be flexible to changes that might be needed
  • managing the budget and expenses of the project
  • implementing all Orator guidelines and policies with the purpose of ensuring compliance with maintaining alignment with the organization's mission.
  • monitoring the effectiveness of the program, making adjustments as needed after discussion and approval from Executive Director, and
  • recommending additional training for volunteers/staff as needed.


Because the Project Director's role is contingent upon a fully funded budget, she/he works in tandem with the Executive Director to secure funds, donations and grants to meet the budgetary requirements of the project. Additionally, she/he serves as the face of the project to the external community. As such, she/he attends community events in an effort to build and maintain positive relationships.




The Project Director should be a mature professional and have a minimum of 3-5 years of relevant work experience, and a background in nonprofit activities, fundraising, and youth programs. This should include experience in project planning, community relations, and financial management.  She/he must also have experience working with the target population of youth between the ages of 7 to 18, and be a capable, compassionate, energetic and a positive leader – able to motivate and work with a wide variety of professionals and volunteers.


Knowledge of all local, state and federal laws and regulations that govern youth programs would be helpful. Because our program is dependent on public or private funds, the Project Director must be meticulous in all notes and documentation. It is extremely important that she/he maintain a passion for what she/he is doing because she/he will be interacting with people in the individuals from the underserved community.


The Project Director must:

  • Be passionate about the organization’s mission and eager to represent the organization to a diverse groups of external audiences;
  • Be an effective advocate for all youth, including our target population of youth;
  • Have strong project management expertise utilizing and creating project management schedules and other products with MS tools; and
  • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.


The Project Director must have a reputation for high ethical and moral standards and be enthusiastic about working with a diverse group of volunteers and strong Board of Directors.



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