Sep 13, 2019

Dean of Instruction

  • Noble Network of Charter Schools
  • 8748 S Aberdeen St, Chicago, IL 60620, USA
Full-time Education School Leadership

Job Description

The Dean of Instruction is responsible for leading the development of the instructional staff. They lay the vision of the pathway for student academic gains. This may include, but is not limited to, direct teacher coaching, curriculum oversight, course auditing, standardized test coordination, organizing on-site professional development, and researching off-campus development opportunities. The Dean of Instruction is also responsible for maintaining and building enduring relationships with staff members, as well as managing content department chairs and content specific department planning. The Dean of Instruction will communicate and collaborate with school leadership to ensure alignment of overall vision. Each Dean of Instruction will manage the logistics and day to day operations of a specific grade level. In this capacity, the Dean of Instruction will have the ability to shape the culture of the entire grade level team.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Coach caseload of teachers (10-15) toward meeting their goals in terms of GPA, P/SAT growth, attendance, and culture
    • Plan for each teacher’s growth and support throughout the school year
    • Observe teachers once per week 
    • Share observation feedback 
    • Debrief with teachers once every 2 weeks for 30-45 minutes using progress towards goals, video/observation evidence, gradebook data, student work, etc.
    • Serve as the first line of support for caseload of teachers
    • Advocate for caseload of teachers within the school by-celebrating successes, sharing struggles, and promoting professional growth
    • Analyze data and facilitate quarterly data conferences with coaching caseload
  • Support academic vision, goals, and requirements 
    • Refine and uphold academic vision through staff meetings, smaller team meetings, weekly e-mail communication, etc.
    • Track progress toward academic goals and intervene with specific teachers and teams as necessary
    • Assign, inspect, and offer feedback on all academic deliverables (coaching reflections, planning documents, quarterly data analysis, etc.)
  • Oversee any instructional projects as necessary
    • Collaborate around course offerings, vertical alignment, and student success 
    • Support with hiring process for new teachers
    • Offer input and recommendations on teacher decisions regarding curriculum, text selection, content focus, etc.
  • Support and develop teacher-leaders
    • Observe teacher-leaders in meetings
    • Provide feedback based on school core values to further develop mid-level leaders
    • Serve as a thought partner in planning meetings
  • Attend and assist with important school functions - testing, celebrations, open houses, etc.

Noble Quality Non-negotiables

  • A belief that all students, regardless of background and current ability, can succeed in high school, college, and life
  • A belief in executing Noble’s approach to high expectations
  • An unwavering belief that all teachers want to and will do their best when supported and developed
  • Ownership of results for both the students and teachers on the grade level you support  An ability to flexibly respond to teacher and students needs based on results and feedback
  • A record of pursuing and achieving ambitious academic results
  • A record of coaching others to achieve ambitions academic results preferred
  • A regular practice of reflection and desire to continuously improve
  • A bachelor’s degree
  • Eligibility to work in the United States on a full-time basis

What Noble has to Offer

A Focus on Learning: You are empowered to design your course in the way you think will best achieve results for students. Our campus leaders minimize disruptions and maximize time focused on student learning. All classes start on time and are never interrupted with announcements, copy rooms are stockpiled with paper, and over 95% of students are in attendance daily.  

Robust Student Services: We believe in serving the whole child. For this reason, each of our campuses is equipped with at least one full-time licensed Social Worker and teams of College Counselors. Additionally, our students have access to a variety of enrichment and extended learning options such as night and summer school courses and internship opportunities.

Active Community Involvement: Through parent advisory councils, feedback workshops, advocacy support, college enrollment guidance, quarterly parent-teacher conferences, advisory, and other engagement opportunities we invest in every student and family to build lasting, meaningful relationships.

Accountability and Support: Expectations are consistent for every adult and student in the building, and we welcome the accountability necessary to achieve excellence. We are obsessed with following through on the basics and are committed to supporting, developing, and retaining high-performing educators.

A Range of Benefits:

We strive to be the best place to work, and our employee benefits are thoughtfully designed to support us in this ambition. Our robust and ever-evolving set of benefits includes:  

  • Health & Wellness:
    • Competitive health benefits and paid parental leave
    • Discounts to Noble Daycare, gym memberships, & bike-share services
    • Free financial planning services
    • Free 24/7 access to a licensed social worker and 3 in-person counseling services
  • Professional Development and Recognition Opportunities:

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