Oct 02, 2019

Assistant Principal of Special Education (Fall 2019)

  • Rocky Mountain Preparatory School
  • Denver, CO, USA
Full-time Education

Job Description

At Rocky Mountain Prep, we are relentless about ensuring an outstanding education for EACH and EVERY scholar. It is the job of our Manager of Special Education to provide our leadership, teachers, and scholars with the strategies, resources, and professional development to bridge the opportunity gap for students who may qualify for Special Education or other special services. An RMP Manager of Special Education is a leader by nature, someone who forms deep bonds with co-workers while holding them accountable to their data and their students and is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve academic systems to help every scholar grow.

RMP is committed to hiring staff representing diverse backgrounds and experiences. We have made it our goal to partner with diverse communities and we know that the better we are at hiring from backgrounds that challenge our own understanding, the better we will be at educating the scholars that need it the most. Diversity means a lot of different things and a Rocky Mountain Prep staff member is one that embraces what makes them unique and uses that as a guiding force in becoming an excellent educator.

There are many public charter schools and many models. Rocky Mountain Prep prides itself on being different. We balance rigor and love - taking head-on the challenges that make a person academically successful and building the relationships that make them emotionally independent. We teach our scholars through our PEAK values of Perseverance, Excellence, Adventure, and Kindness, and we strive to value our scholars as people, not just as numbers pointing to achievement. Our model has made us one of the most successful networks in Denver - leading our scholars to both academic success, and more importantly, to a love of learning rooted in a joyful school and a tight-knit community.

If you are our next Assistant Principal of Special Education, you are organized, strategic, and knowledgeable. You have spent years in the special education classroom helping your own scholars grow by using data to drive intervention services, and you’ve stayed up-to-date on the best practices for working within a diverse student population and following the protocols and regulations of your local school, state, and nation. You are an excellent coach - both personable and direct;  the type of coach that teachers want to impress and are excited to approach for help and mentorship. And you have a relentless desire to ensure the best instruction for each and every learner. You are more than ready to step into the halls of Rocky Mountain Prep and to share your knowledge with us.

As we enter our growth phase, it is important for us to be thoughtful and strategic about our curriculum and our systems for ensuring the civil liberties of our scholars. You easily see flaws in systems and are excited and eager to work together with our network Academic team and School Leadership to tackle them. You are excited by the opportunity to design intervention strategies and professional development, to coach instructional coaches, and to dive into data to find the trends and opportunities to push our scholars and teachers each and every day.

You believe that relationships guide success. You form meaningful bonds with your peers and with those whom you coach. You work best on a team and take the values of Perseverance, Excellence, Adventure, and Kindness to heart. You know that to implement a vision, you have to build the mindset, skills, and knowledge of others to excite them around that vision. You can identify those times that people are doubtful about a plan or not bought into the vision, and you love the challenge of getting them on your side.

We are changing education in the Denver Metro area, and we’re having a great time doing it. This is a chance for you to be a part of a growing education network dedicated to our scholars, our families, our communities, and each other. This is the start of something great…

Within one month you'll...

    • Meet with classroom teachers and identify their caseloads and a meaningful coaching schedule.
    • Meet our awesome scholars and staff and begin to form deep and meaningful relationships.

Within 3 months you'll...

    • Experience your first quarter with staff, creating and executing a vision of excellence for special services, and analyzing our scholars’ data and progress toward their IEP goals.
    • Facilitate and attend IEP meetings as well as the MTSS process, as needed.
    • Provide weekly observations and coaching for our special educators and other support staff.
    • Attend monthly Happy Hours with staff - apps are on RMP!

After the first year, you'll...

    • Guide our scholars to grow at least 1 year and support them on standardized assessments
    • Develop deep and long-lasting bonds with scholars, families, and staff.
    • Score at least a 3 on our PEAK Values Rubric, showing off your Perseverance, Excellence, Adventure, and Kindness.
    • Get ready for another year and another opportunity to inspire staff and scholars in their love of school!

Rocky Mountain Prep offers a competitive salary based on experience, as well as comprehensive benefits.

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