Nov 04, 2019

Staff Specialist - Mental Health Coordination

$65,908 - $81,555 yearly
  • Baltimore City Public Schools
  • Baltimore City Public Schools District Office, 200 East North Avenue, Baltimore, MD, USA
Full-time Community Engagement and Outreach Other

Job Description

Job Summary

The primary role of the mental health services specialist is to assist City Schools in meeting the requirements of The Safe to Learn Act 2018 §7–1511 by managing and expanding the collaborative mental health network to provide behavioral health and wraparound services to students who exhibit behaviors of concern that impact the educational program and student learning.

    The mental health services specialist shall:

  • Coordinate existing mental health services and referral procedures for the collaborative mental agencies mental health agencies that provide services within the City School.
  • Work in collaboration with the Behavioral Health System Baltimore, Baltimore City Health Department, the department of social services, BCARs and other local entities that provide mental health services.
  • Ensure that a student who is referred for mental health services obtains the necessary services;
  • Maximize external funding for mental health and wraparound services.
  • Serves as City Schools’ point person and cross-department contact for development and implementation of policies and procedures related to mental health services as required by The Safe to Learn Act 2018 and ensure that City Schools’ forms and communications materials correctly reflect these policies and procedures.

Essential Functions

  • Serves as the City Schools representative at the monthly mental health lead agencies meeting.
  • Monitors the implementation of additional services through the MOU process to add additional schools to the roster of schools receiving collaborative mental health services.
  • Reviews the monthly report of activities conducted and services provided in schools that have an individual MOU.
  • Ensures that effective policies and procedures are in place to facilitate the provision of services to each eligible student.
  • Monitors and resolves school district-wide issues relating to the identification of and provision of mental health services.
  • Collaborates in the development of professional learning for district- and school-based staff, families, partners, and others. Designs and facilitates professional learning experiences, as needed.
  • Oversees data tracking and monitoring of outcomes related to mental health support
  • Liaisons with the office of Related Services to develop a district wide matrix of mental health services for all schools.
  • Assists in the assignment of team members to provide of crisis support as needed.
  • Monitors visits to schools to observe mental health providers and their programs.
  • Resolves issues in schools regarding mental health programming.
  • Work cooperatively with schools to resolve student mental health issues related to Pre-k-2 suspensions.

Desired Qualifications 

  • Bachelor’s degree in public health, counseling, social work, psychology, education, or a related area. Degree must be from an accredited college or institution. Master’s degree (preferred).
  • Documented experience in managing mental health support.
  • Experience with providing support activities for students and their families.

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