Nov 12, 2019

Impact Manager

  • City Year
  • Baton Rouge, LA, USA
Full-time Community Engagement and Outreach Development and Fundraising Product and Program Management Strategy and Planning Education

Job Description

The Impact Manager is an effective people manager and talent developer who can directly coach 1 Senior AmeriCorps Member (Team Leader) and together lead up to 12 AmeriCorps Members in having a successful and rewarding year of service. The Impact Manager will develop and manage a partnership at the school house and community level to ensure the right conditions and resources are in place for City Year AmeriCorps Members to deliver attendance behavior, and course performance interventions to off track students. The Impact Manager will collaborate with City Year staff, school administration, faculty and community members to ensure AmeriCorps Members are trained and implementing high quality service.

AmeriCorps Member Development & Program Delivery: Lead, manage, and coach a team of AmeriCorps Members to achieve service performance requirements, meet corps practitioner standards, and reach their leadership development potential. Model leadership that is animated by City Year's culture and values and create spaces that empower AmeriCorps Members to access the power of our culture and values in personally meaningful ways. This will be demonstrated by:

Achieving 87% AmeriCorps Member retention by the end of the fiscal year by:

  • Supporting Learning and Development Days and AmeriCorps Member training.
  • Supporting the next fiscal year’s AmeriCorps Member recruitment by participating in interview days, recruitment events and confirmed ACM engagement throughout the year.

Meeting end of year AmeriCorps Member survey rating targets:

  • 75% of AmeriCorps Members rate the leadership of their Impact Manager as 4 or better on a 1-5 scale.
  • 75% of AmeriCorps Members rate City Year as a leadership development experience as 3 or above on 1-5 scale.
  • Ensuring 75% AmeriCorps Member survey completion on each survey given (4 times a year).

Ensuring AmeriCorps Compliance and ensuring 100% of AmeriCorps Member files are complete and accurate each fiscal year by:

  • Overseeing implementation of AmeriCorps Member management process.
  • Tracking and documenting all infractions, suspensions, and exits.
  • Completing all performance evaluations (with conversations) at Start of Year, Middle of Year, and End of Year.
  • Managing and approving weekly timecards
  • Managing and collecting all AmeriCorps Member graduation requirements

School Partner Management: Build and cultivate a strong partnership with teachers, principal, school officials, and other key decision makers. Manage implementation of school partnership agreement and conditions for success (SOP):

Meet end of year Service Partner survey rating targets:

  • 95% of principals/liaisons are satisfied with the quality of service provided by the City Year team.
  • Ensure 80% response rate on each partner survey given (2 times a year).
  • Ensure all returning and new school partners are committed by the end of each fiscal year to continuing partnership by:
  • Consistent meetings with school liaisons
  • Develop school engagement strategies (ACM schedules, time on campus, school events, teacher partnerships, etc.)
  • Coach Team Leaders on organizing and leading culture building activities and trainings within the school building
  • Work with Impact Director to adapt model when necessary to meet changing conditions and needs
  • Coach ACMs on how to build school relationships by understanding and meeting school/teacher needs

Service Delivery & Impact: Implement City Year’s Whole School, Whole Child Tier 1 supports and Tier 2 interventions with a high degree of model fidelity to the right students, for the right dosage, at assigned schoolhouse(s) by:

Leading a team of AmeriCorps Members to achieve service enrollment and impact goals:

  • Enrolling xx students per AmeriCorps Member in Attendance, Behavior, and Math and English intervention.
  • Ensure 80% of those students receive 15 hours of tutoring/coaching.
  • Ensure 80% of those students improve over the course of the year.
  • Enroll a designated number of students in after school, and manage after school programming and safety based on different models and requirements (if necessary)

Achieving service implementation success:

  • Ensuring school specific on-boarding and trainings are provided to your AmeriCorps Members.
  • Managing teacher and faculty on-boarding to City Year partnership.
  • Creating and managing focus lists for your AmeriCorps Members throughout the year.
  • Creating and managing team schedules throughout the year.
  • Creating and executing systems/processes to ensure AmeriCorps Members are creating and facilitating high quality tutoring/coaching sessions.
  • Collaborating with Impact Director to successfully complete observation and coaching sessions of all AmeriCorps Members every 3 weeks.

Collecting, tracking, and analyzing data to ensure ACMs are providing high quality service to their students in partnership with City Year Baton Rouge Evaluation team member:

  • Collecting and submitting yearly state test scores, quarterly/trimester attendance rates and report card grades, monthly behavior assessments, birthdates, classroom assignment information, etc.
  • Working with Evaluation team member to resolve data discrepancies.
  • Ensuring access to students and tracking time spent with students.
  • Reviewing data and working with AmeriCorps Members to review data entries.


  • Bachelor’s Degree required & 1-2 years of management/team leadership experience (Transcript Required)
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate and present ideas with clarity, credibility, humility, and tact; lead with “the why” and incorporate vision into messaging; tailor messaging to audience and maintain professionalism in speaking and writing.
  • Demonstrated ability to anticipate and plan for questions, listen carefully, provide constructive feedback, and remain open and responsive to feedback from others.Proven success operating in ambiguous and changing environments with the demonstrated ability to manage and prioritize projects; delegate tasks appropriately; manage progress against goals for self and others while addressing barriers.
  • Demonstrated ability to take initiative and operate in a proactive and solution-oriented manner; identify the information needed to solve a problem; link decisions to potential consequences and know when to escalate or seek guidance.
  • Possesses openness, responsiveness, approachability, and understanding of others’ perspectives with the demonstrated ability to maintain and build relationships through collaboration; recognize and respond to the needs of others while operating within appropriate boundaries to gain respect and maintain professionalism.
  • Demonstrated ability to address and resolve team conflict effectively and tactfully.
  • Demonstrated ability to identify others’ strengths and areas for growth to achieve desired results and foster personal and professional development.
  • Strong connection to the values of servant leadership, belief in the power of young people, social justice, empathy, inclusivity, teamwork, and excellence.
  • Willingness to powerfully represent City Year, including wearing the City Year uniform, and upholding all City Year professional standards. 

To succeed in the Impact Manager role, a candidate must demonstrate proficiencies in the following areas:

Executes to Results:

  • Accurately determines the length and complexity of tasks and projects.
  • Assigns priorities and time parameters and holds others accountable.
  • Uses benchmarks and performance measures to track progress and intervenes to address barriers to achieving results.

Relationship Development:

  • Manages relationships with diverse group of internal and external stakeholders to help achieve service goals and AmeriCorps member development.
  • Ability to connect to and relate to others; demonstrates openness, approachability, and understanding of other perspectives.
  • Maintains and builds relationships by recognizing and responding to the needs of others.


  • Communicates with confidence and credibility; provides a clear sense of direction.
  • Tailors messaging to audience; anticipates and plans for questions; listens carefully and is responsive to feedback.
  • Communicates decisions from the organization to direct reports in an inspiring and clear manner.

Talent Development:

  • Coaches 18-25-year-olds to grow throughout service year.
  • Develops and coach one – two team leaders to lead their teams to success.
  • Manages a diverse population.
  • Willingness to grow and learn new skills based on what you ask of your direct reports.
  • Ability to work with diverse peers and departments to create consistent corps experience

Team Collaboration and Leadership:

  • Leverages diverse strengths of team members to achieve desired results; coaches and empowers others to lead; addresses and resolves team conflict swiftly and effectively.

Problem Solving and Decision Making:

  • Links problems and symptoms to identify underlying issues and focuses on addressing most critical, high-impact issues.
  • Organizes appropriate information, expertise, and diverse perspectives for self and others to develop optimal solutions and manage decision-making.

Civic Knowledge and Fluency in Education Reform:

  • Actively seeks to understand current issues and debates related to national service and education policy and the impact they have on the communities we serve.
  • Ability to articulate how City Years’ service helps advance education reform.

Compensation and Benefits

Full time employees are entitled to compensation commensurate with experience. Benefits for full time employees include health insurance with Flexible Spending Account, paid vacation, holidays, parental leave, 401K, and more.

City Year is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to a diverse workforce. Individuals from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply, including persons with disabilities and veterans.

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