Nov 21, 2019

Technician III - HVAC

  • Baltimore City Public Schools
  • Baltimore, MD, USA
Executive Leadership

Job Description

Performs and provides guidance in diagnosing and resolving system-wide environmental control problems, including the maintenance and repair of complex heating, ventilation, air conditioning and related equipment. Monitors optimum set points and corrects building system controls for proper operation of energy automation systems. Energy conservation considerations should be followed thru system integration, controls collaboration and by developing preventive maintenance checklist.

Essential Functions
  • Repairs, overhauls and calibrates heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment, including pumps, boilers, burners, temperature controls, thermostats, air conditioning and ventilating units, pneumatic control systems, compressors, steam regulators and stations, ice making, refrigeration, cooling towers, condensers, fans, evaporators, controls and related electrical apparatus and smoke and fire detecting and damping systems.
  • Monitors, corrects program mechanical settings and controls of building automation systems.
  • Inspects the functioning of heating plants and mechanical equipment and recommends improvements in service and efficiency of operations.
  • Diagnoses and troubleshoots major problems in heating, air conditioning and ventilating systems.
  • Replaces and calibrates defective breaker controls, thermostats, switches, fuses and electrical wiring to repair installed units using electrician's hand tools and test equipment.
  • Tests joints and connections for gas leaks using gauges or soap and water solution.
  • Injects small amounts of refrigerant unto compressor to test systems and adds Freon gas to build up prescribed operating pressure.
  • Joins tubing or pipes to various refrigerant units by means of sleeves, couplings or unions, and uses a torch to solder joints to form complete circuits for refrigerant.
  • May train other technicians in the repair, overhaul and calibration of heating, air conditioning and ventilating equipment.
  • May assign and review the work of other technicians.
  • Requisitions materials and supplies for repair, overhaul and calibration of heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment.
  • Maintains and clean boiler and mechanical rooms.
  • Performs inspections and replacement of mechanical belts in air handling and other mechanical units in boiler room, closets and on roof tops.
  • Able to clean and repair air coil units; air handling units, univents and other mechanical units as identified.
  • Changes light bulbs and ballasts, which include climbing a ladder.
  • Identifies and correctly change air filters in equipment on premises.
  • Be able to take fuel readings and log as necessary.
  • Takes pool readings for chemical balance and record as needed after training.
  • Composes reports as needed or requested.
  • Performs and promotes all activities in compliance with equal employment and nondiscrimination policies; follows federal laws, state laws, school board?s policies and the professional standards.

Maximum Salary 27.43

Minimum Salary 22.41

Desired Qualifications
  • High School graduate or equivalent.
  • Two years of maintenance and repair of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment experience.
  • Knowledge and experience with Auto Temperature Controls trouble shooting existing DDC various systems to keep plan running properly at optimum efficiency.
  • Experience working with hot water and steam plants, air atomizing and rotary type burners, absorption, centrifugal and reciprocating chilling plants, and pneumatic temperature control systems.
  • Knowledge of variable air and constant air volume systems.
  • Knowledge of safety procedures and practices involved in the maintenance and repair of heating, air conditioning, refrigerating and ventilating systems.
  • Ability to repair, overhaul and calibrate heating, ventilating and air conditioning
  • Ability to read and interpret blueprints and engineering specifications.
  • Ability to lead and train others in HVAC repair and maintenance techniques, procedures, related equipment usage.
  • Good verbal communication skills.
  • Must possess class "C" driver's license and have your own transportation.

Full time or Part time Full time

Additional Details

Qualified candidates for the above position must submit the following:
  • Completed online application
  • Resume that clearly demonstrates the above minimum qualifications. It is important that you include all experiences and education related to the position to which you are applying.
  • Upload copies of all transcripts ?undergraduate, graduate if applicable
  • Must provide three (3) professional references to include: name, title, business address, e-mail address and phone number
  • All documentation/certification necessary (scanned copies accepted) to substantiate minimum qualifications; must be uploaded into application
Benefits -- This position is eligible for benefits. To review the available options please see the information relevant to the union for this position by viewing the following link:

Baltimore City Public Schools is an equal opportunity employer and encourages resumes from bi-lingual or multi-lingual candidates.

Baltimore City Public Schools does not discriminate in any aspect of employment on the basis of race, color, ancestry or national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or age. For inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies, please contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Manager, 200 E. North Avenue, Room 208, Baltimore, MD 21202; 410-396-8542 (phone); 410-396-2955 (fax).

This position is affiliated with the Public School Administrators and Supervisors (PSASA) bargaining union.

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