May 11, 2020

Media Clerk

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  • Greenville, NC, USA
Full-time School Support

Job Description

Please contact Ms. Moore (Assistant Principal) at [email protected]

Pitt County Schools Job Description

Media Clerk

Reports To: Media Coordinator, Principal

Supervises: No one

Term of Employment: 10 months (7 hours a day, School Year Calendar)
Performance Evaluation: Performance to be evaluated annually by the school principal and the bus supervisor.

Education/Qualifications Associate's Degree or 2 years (Min. 64 semester hours) of higher education
Computer skills

Media Program Responsibilities and Duties to be performed under the direction of the Media Coordinator:

Unpack new materials and check invoices. Catalog and process new print and non-print materials: includes importing prepared records, creating original records as needed, printing and affixing labels. Maintain online catalog records that adhere to district standards. Organize and/or distribute materials and equipment. Shelve materials. Help perform inventory of all materials. Check supply inventory and reorder when needed. Run circulation functions of the library management software and assist students at circulation desk. Compile statistics as needed. Prepare and distribute overdue notices. Process incoming mail (file catalogs and periodicals, open letters, etc.). Help with housekeeping chores (plant watering, dusting, etc.). Assume additional clerical duties and responsibilities necessary to keep the media center running smoothly. Technical Perform preventive maintenance, cleaning, and minor repairs on equipment. Assist with computer and other equipment problems by providing initial simple troubleshooting. Refer computer and other equipment problems to Tech Dept. when necessary and under the direction of the media coordinator. Repair books and assist in production of instructional materials. Assist Media Coordinator with maintenance of and input of data into computer-based programs such as library management program, AR, Study Island, etc. Instructional Support Assign duties to and oversee student helpers. Check periodicals/prepare for circulation. Help students and teachers find materials. Give assistance in scheduling and use of equipment and materials. Pull materials requested for classes and prepare for use. Help students and teachers use computer programs and electronic resources in the media center such as online catalog, electronic databases, software applications, web-based programs, etc Read stories to small groups (not to be confused with media coordinator's role in literature appreciation and literacy support). Supervise and assist with learning activities that take place in the media center. Help prepare reports, correspondence, instructional materials, etc. Plan and/or help with bulletin boards, seasonal decorations, project and book displays, promotions, book fairs, etc. Help create games, activities, recordings, multimedia presentations, learning centers, and other instructional materials. Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Category: Student Services > Librarian/Media Specialist
Equal Opportunity Employer
Contact Information
  • Glen Buck
  • 1717 W 5th Street
  • Greenville, North Carolina 27834-1698

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