May 11, 2020

Occupational Therapist (2020/2021 School Year)

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  • Somerton, AZ, USA
Full-time School Support

Job Description

SCHOOL/DEPARTMENT: Exceptional Student Services
TYPE: Certified STATUS: Exempt SALARY LEVEL: $61,839 (9 month position, Full Benefit Package)

REPORTS TO: Director of Special Programs and/or Building Principal


Under limited supervision, provides educational instruction in assigned area(s) of specialty, grade and

program level in compliance with approved academic standards and curriculum for Somerton Elementary School District.


This District Occupational Therapy position leads the process in the development, implementation, and coordination of the occupational therapy program through the Special Education Department of Somerton School District #11 (preschool through middle school settings). Functioning as a member of the educational team, the occupational therapist is involved with screening, evaluation, educational program and transition planning, therapeutic intervention, and exit planning for students identified with or suspected of having disabilities that interfere with their school performance. Professional judgment and clinical knowledge are used to assist in the development of individualized programming based on occupational performance deficits in a wide variety of areas, such as personal care, student role, interaction skills, play, perceptual fine motor skills, handwriting, sensory processing, assistive technology, environmental modifications, adaptive equipment use. Regular collaboration and coordination with other disciplines and services within the school setting is necessary in order to provide appropriate, best-practice occupational therapy services to students in Somerton School District #11.

Collaborates with other disciplines to ensure team understanding of student occupational performance strengths and needs, through evaluation, educational program planning, and service delivery. Evaluates the student's ability and formulates the student's occupational profile through a variety of functional, behavioral, and standardized assessments, skilled observation, checklists, histories, and interviews.

Synthesizes evaluation results into a comprehensive written report which reflects strengths and challenges to student participation in the educational environment; directs program development; and guides evidence- based intervention.

Develops occupationally-based intervention plans based on student needs and evaluation results and provides those services through the IEP.

Participates in multidisciplinary meetings to review evaluation results, integrate findings with other disciplines, offer recommendations, and develop individual education plans and intervention plans to achieve IEP goals.

Provides targeted, evidence-based therapeutic intervention to facilitate student participation and occupational performance within the school environment.

Consults with the school-based teams to achieve student outcomes.

Professional judgment is utilized to determine which service delivery model is appropriate to meet the student's educational needs (such as: direct, indirect services on behalf of the student, consultation, collaboration, 1-1, group interventions). These services are coordinated with student and class scheduling. Daily schedule varies due to multiple school responsibilities and the therapist will need a valid driver's license.
Provides training, and consultation, as appropriate, to District staff.

Maintains file/documentation for the provision of services, related to compliance with state, federal and administrative regulations.

Completes on-line billing and associated documentation of OT services.

Maintains equipment and supplies in clean and proper working condition.

Knowledge and Skills
Knowledge of early childhood learning methods and techniques

Knowledge of District policies and procedures affecting assigned work.

Knowledge of District behavior modification program.

Skill in monitoring and assisting students.

Skill in elective oral and written communication.

Skill in following oral and written instructions.

Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships.

Current License by the Arizona Board of Occupational Therapy.

  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Categories: Special Education > Occupational Therapist
Student Services > Occupational Therapist
Contact Information
  • Jerry Cabrera
  • PO Box 3200
  • Somerton, Arizona 85350

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