May 11, 2020

20-21 Apprentice Speech Language Pathologist (ASL) POOL

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  • Rio Rancho, NM, USA
Full-time School Support

Job Description

This position is for the 2020-2021 School Year.

This posting will create a pool of applicants. As openings become available, these applications will be reviewed and considered for interview.

Job Title: Apprentice Speech Language Pathologist (ASL)

Minimum Qualifications per (B)(C) NMAC
  • BA degree from an accredited college in speech-language pathology or communicative disorders or an equivalent degree or a BA degree in another field with thirty (30) semester hours of credit in speech-language pathology or communicative disorder
  • Currently enrolled in and successfully completes graduate classes in speech-language pathology, communicative disorders or a related field at a minimum rate of nine (9) semester hours per year and is accepted into a master's level program in speech-language pathology or communicative disorders within two years of initial NM Board licensing
  • Current or eligible for licensure from State of New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department - Apprentice in Speech-LanguageMaintains a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average in the master's degree course and other work
  • Is supervised by an appropriate supervisor, as defined in Section 61-14B-2 NMSA 1978
  • Has or will arranged for appropriate supervision to meet the supervision reguirement defined by the rule
  • Current New Mexico Department of Education license appropriate to the assignment or ability to obtain proper licensure within 90 days of hire.

Skills and Abilities
  • Knowledge of NM State and federal laws governing special education and adherence to those laws.
  • Maintain professional confidentiality and work collaboratively with peers.
  • Work with District personnel and the general public in a pleasant and cooperative manner .

Essential Job Responsibilities

The apprentice maintains appropriate relationships with student(s).
Communicates effectively with student or student's family. Demonstrates understanding of student differences/needs/and or cultural values. Establishes rapport with students and family. Demonstrates understanding of student attitudes and behaviors. Uses language appropriate for student's age and education level. Is courteous and respectful. Maintains appropriate social skills.

The apprentice responds positively to supervision.
Is receptive to constructive criticism from supervisor. Requests assistance from supervisor when needed. Interactively participates with supervisor. Assists speech-language pathologist in assessing student. Initiates and follows supervisory guidance.

The apprentice demonstrates appropriate conduct.
Is able to evaluate own performance. Follows the role of an apprentice as outlined by this district. Works ethically and professionally with students, staff, and family, and/or community. Participates in in-service training. Participates in community relations programs.

The apprentice uses skills necessary for task completion.
Is on time and prepared for students. Submits documentation on time. Performs assigned tasks efficiently with no unnecessary distractions. Completes assigned tasks within allotted time. Prepares and selects appropriate treatment materials ahead of time. Chooses appropriate materials based upon treatment plans. Selects materials that are age appropriate and culturally appropriate. Documents treatment plans and protocols accurately and concisely. Documents and reports student's performance. Signs documents, which are reviewed and co-signed by supervisor. Prepares and maintains students' charts, records, or graphs for data. Schedules activities as necessary for student speech or language services.

The apprentice demonstrates knowledge and use of screening instruments.
Understands the use of screening tests. Schedules screenings. Uses screening tests reliably. Scores screening tests accurately. Shares screening results and any other pertinent information with supervisor.

The apprentice performs tasks as outlined and instructed by the supervisor.
Implement treatment plans accurately and efficiently. Implements feedback from supervisor for modifying treatment plans. Provides student wit accurate feedback on his/her response. Uses consistent feedback and reinforcement procedures. Distinguishes correct versus incorrect responses. Verbally interacts with student appropriate to the student's age and level of understanding. Documents assigned activities accurately and concisely. Complies with state-approved New Mexico Administrative Code of Ethical Responsibility of the Education Profession and the RRPS Employee Standards of Conduct and upholds and enforces rules, administrative directives and regulations, school board policies, and local, state and federal regulations. Performs related duties consistent with job description and assignment as assigned.

Work Hours: Additional work hours may be assigned by the School Principal within the parameters of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Application Procedure:

The following documents must be attached to complete this application:
  • One (1) transcript from each crediting college or university
  • Copy of Professional License

Review salary information here.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Categories: Special Education > Speech/Language Pathologist
Student Services > Speech/Language Pathologist
Contact Information
  • Vanessa Burge, Administrative Assistant
  • 500 Laser Rd.
  • Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87124

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