May 11, 2020

School Counselor- Valley Horizon 20-2021

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  • Yuma, AZ, USA
Full-time School Support

Job Description


1. Shall hold valid Arizona certification in counseling (required).

2. Master's degree.

3. Shall have previous successful teaching or counseling experience (Preferred).


Building Principal.


To help students overcome problems that impede their learning and to assist them in making educational, occupational and life plans that hold promise for their personal fulfillment as mature and responsible men and women.


1. Provides individual and group counseling to help children succeed in school by accepting and understanding personal issues that may be interfering with positive educational outcomes.

2. Provides individual and group counseling to help address specific problems of children (health, behavior, family, emotions, peers, academic performance and self-esteem).

3. To consult with teachers and administrators to help create a school environment that stimulates learning and growth.

4. Collaborate with teachers and parents to provide support and encouragement to discover understanding and methods for effective relating and responding to children.

5. Serves on Child Study Team at each school to collaborate with parents, school and outside personnel regarding mental health, behavioral and education concerns. Assist the team in generating educational alternatives, modifications, and referral for assessment or community-based interventions/services.

6. Reviews psycho-educational evaluations, reports, teachers and parent reports and to aid in the development of intervention plans.

7. Generates intervention plans to address students counseling goals and objectives.

8. Assists in the development of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) for students requiring counseling services.

9. Provides in-service and other skill enhancement activities to school personnel, parents and others in the community regarding issues of learning, development and behavior.

10. Consults and cooperates with community health and human services agencies.

11. Performs other related duties as required by supervisor.


Work year, salary and benefits as established by the Board.


Performance of this job shall be evaluated by the Exceptional Student Services Director in accordance with the Board's policy on evaluation of certified personnel.


  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Category: Student Services > School/Guidance Counselor
Contact Information
  • Gabby Kuzniak
  • 4250 W 16TH ST
  • YUMA, Arizona 853644031

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