May 11, 2020

Bus Driver - Substitute Position

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  • Estacada, OR, USA
Part-time Education

Job Description

The Estacada School District is seeking Substitute Bus drivers to join our incredible team! No prior experience necessary, we will pay you to train with us!

Starting pay rate is $16.22 per hour!


High School Diploma or equivalent and possess appropriate commercial driver's license.

Skill in safely and lawfully operating a bus; driving proficiency ability to exercise judgment associated with the operation of a bus in inclement weather, heavy traffic, and precise maneuvering situations.

Ability to maintain discipline on a school bus and to cope with student behavior in a mature and corrective manner.

Ability to make a thorough and meticulous daily inspection of assigned bus and to report any malfunction on provided forms; and to maintain safety standards of assigned bus.

Ability to maneuver students in wheelchairs when assigned to the Special Education Bus.

Ability to participate in training on how to cope with drug use, antisocial, behavioral and physically disabled students.

Ability to follow oral and written instructions and maintain time schedules, including making clear, legible records and reports.

Ability to satisfactorily perform all State and District physical requirements related to the operation of a manually or automatically controlled school bus. (See OAR 581-53-005 requirements**.)

First aid/CPR card with bee sting certification.


To drive a school bus for transporting students to and from school and on special trips outside the district; inspects bus daily for safety and mechanical deficiencies, maintains safety standards of assigned bus and assumes responsibility for student behavior on bus.


An employee in this classification may perform any of the following duties. However, these examples do not include all the specific tasks that an employee may be expected to perform.

Drives a school bus on assigned route, observing all traffic laws, safety and operational rules and regulations; transports students, teachers, and other authorized persons on special field and activity trips outside the district; maintains prescribed time schedules for the loading and unloading for students. Assists in the loading and unloading of children with physical, developmental, and emotional handicaps, including children in wheelchairs.

Inspects vehicle before each trip to determine possible deficiencies in safety or mechanical equipment and reports in writing on forms provided; maintains vehicle safety and cleans vehicle inside and out to maintain same; records fuel and mileage readings; fuels vehicle.

Maintains order and discipline on bus in accordance with district policy; resolves minor discipline problems with students and reports major problems to the appropriate administrator; completes formal complaint and on occasion participates in meetings with school administrators to resolve discipline problems; assumes responsibility for knowing whether students are authorized to ride the bus to and from school. Should be able to communicate with, discipline, cope, and understand students with drug usage, antisocial and behavioral problems.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: For substitute employment. On-Call basis. Benefits are not available for this postion. Salary commensurate with experience $16.22 - $17.36 per hour.

**OAR 581-53-005

Drivers may be required to demonstrate ability to open and close a manually operated bus entrance door control with a force of at least 30 pounds; climb and descend steps with a maximum step height of 17+ inches; operate two-hand and two-foot controls simultaneously and quickly; have a reaction time of 3/4 of a second or less from the throttle to the brake control; carry or drag a 125-pound person 30 feet in 30 seconds or less; depress a brake pedal with the foot to a pressure of at least 90 pounds; depress a clutch pedal with the foot to a pressure of at least 40 pounds unless operating an automatic transmission; exit from an emergency door opening of 24 x 48 inches at least 42 inches from the ground in ten seconds or less.

GENERAL APPLICATION PROCEDURES: Apply online at Estacada School district at link to Human Resources/Employment Opportunities.

The Estacada School District is an equal opportunity educator and employer and complies with all applicable state and federal statutes and regulations in employment and school district programs. Equal employment opportunity and treatment shall be provided in recruiting, hiring, retaining, transferring, promoting and training of all employees regardless of the individual's race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, age or disability. Estacada School District provides reasonable accommodations for disabled individuals.

(The District reserves the right to change assignments of all personnel, subject only to any legal restrictions and the requirements of the collective bargaining contract. As a result, the District cannot guarantee that the terms of the position listed above will remain the same.)
  • Position Type: Part-time
Job Categories : Instructional Support > Substitute
Support Staff > Transportation
Contact Information
  • Sabrina La Londe , Human Resources Specialist
  • 255 NE 6th Avenue
  • Estacada, Oregon 97023

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