May 11, 2020

Coordinator, Exceptional Children Department

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  • Master's degree in the field of Special Education preferred and/or extensive coursework in education. Must be certified to teach in the State of North Carolina and hold a current teachers license.
  • Administrative Licensure preferred
  • Five to seven years of teaching experience in special education, including program coordination and delivery of professional development, or any equivalent combination of training and experience which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Experience with providing instruction for students with disabilities following the general curriculum. Sufficient data management skills.
  • Such alternatives to the above as the Board finds appropriate and acceptable.
Reports To:

Executive Director of Exceptional Children

Job Goal:

Under limited supervision, performs a variety of supervisory and administrative tasks in coordinating, monitoring the successful implementation of district initiatives, programs, and curriculum as aligned with the Common Core Standards for operation of programs for students with disabilities to ensure district compliance with state procedures and federal law regarding the referral, identification, IEP development, placement, and services provided to students in Exceptional Children's programs. The position is to oversee program compliance and instructional leadership, interpreting changes to the North Carolina Curriculum, informing teachers and principals of the implications of those changes, and ensuring that instruction is aligned with curriculum goals as it relates to students with disabilities. The position oversees the implementation of programs, monitoring their effectiveness, providing staff development opportunities, and ensuring adherence to federal, state and local policies and procedures. The position is responsible for coaching teachers in developing strategies and techniques for assessing and increasing achievement of students with disabilities. This position assists in the supervision of Exceptional Children Department staff (Program Facilitators, Leads, Specialist or other).

Performance Responsibilities:
Knowledge of North Carolina Standards, Curriculum and Instruction to include Extended Content Standards
Knowledge of Governing Policies for Students with Disabilities. Interprets educational policies and procedures for a variety of audiences.
Works collaboratively with the Exceptional Children Leads and Specialists to provide leadership for the District's provision of special education and related services for students with disabilities.
Provides supervision of district programming and assigned staff supporting implementation of district programming and supports for students with disabilities
Assist with difficult cases that may involve an advocate, an attorney and/or a state complaint. Work toward a resolution which ensures the best possible outcome for the student
Provides correspondence within leveled areas regarding all programming and services offered by the EC Department. Ensures teachers and principals are familiar with any changes to the North Carolina policies, procedures, and accountability for students with disabilities
Initiates collaboration with various departments in the development and implementation of assessment practices and policies affecting programs for students with disabilities. Collaborates with other curriculum specialists and academic coaches in special education and general education to provide an integrated programming
Analyzes and reports on student achievement and behavioral/discipline data regarding students with disabilities within Exceptional Children Departmental teams or collaboratively with various district departments
Initiates collaborative relationships with various district departments to conducts assessment activities to determine needs and effectiveness of exceptional children programs; develops and supports short and long-range goals and objectives for instructional and social/emotional improvement for students with disabilities
Assists regular and special education teachers with curriculum improving techniques for instruction, programming selection, implementation, materials selection and provides teachers with various tools and resources to aid instruction for addressing the needs of students with disabilities overall achievement.
Assists administrators with evaluating the effectiveness of initiatives implementation and develops strategies for instruction as it relates to students with disabilities.
Provides specialized education instructional strategies and various tools to aid the instructional process
Observes teachers and provides feedback to administrators and conducts demonstration lessons as needed.
Assists with the overall evaluation of district and special education department initiatives, programming and develops strategies for improvement as it relates to students with disabilities
Coordinates and provides staff development opportunities for teacher assistants, teachers, administrators and other support staff.
Designs curriculum, new course offerings and facilitates discussions regarding appropriate student with disabilities participation in curriculum/programs.
Collaborates on oversight of the placement process and coordinates placement discussion for intense level of needs in special education service delivery in collaboration with the IEP teams and other relevant district staff members.
Supports communication to parents, administrators and community for informed knowledge about various federal, state, district and department initiatives to resolve special educational issues involving access to special education services.
Collaborates on the oversight of the process of ensuring that each student with a disability is counted for reimbursement purposes (i.e. child count).
Coordinates with Student Enrollment and Transportation Departments in the planning for students with disabilities entering and throughout the school year.
Supports principals and school staff in the screening and selection of exceptional children staff as requested.
Schedules and conducts meetings, attend IEP meetings as necessary for supporting special education process
Participates in regularly scheduled departmental or district level meetings as required.
Provides support to teachers in their classrooms through coaching, modeling, and mentoring.
Performs other related work as required.

Demonstrate knowledge of current special education program state and federal regulations.
Demonstrate ability to relate in a positive way to include sensitivity to race, creed, color, national origin, gender, sexual/gender identity, class, socioeconomics, ethnicity, sexual orientation, cognitive/physical ability, diverse language fluency, religion, status as an English Language Learner, marital status, pregnancy, parenthood, or other characteristics protected by federal law for the diversity of students, staff, parents and community.
Ability to work cooperatively with staff, administrators and support personnel in a team approach to solve individual student needs.
Ability to communicate orally and in writing with clarity.
Demonstrate ability to use conflict resolution and crisis intervention skills.
Demonstrate ability to plan, organize, facilitate and implement meaningful professional development activities.
Ability to maintain high ethical standards and confidentiality throughout all duties.
Must model and maintain exemplary punctuality and attendance.

Terms of Employment:

Twelve-month position; salary in accordance with certification and placement on the adopted schedule


Performance will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Chapel Hill Carrboro City School Board of Education policy on evaluation and North Carolina Department of Instruction evaluation procedures for certified (Central Office) personnel.

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  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Category: Administrator > Director/Coordinator/Manager
Equal Opportunity Employer
Contact Information
  • Erika Newkirk
  • 750 S. Merritt Mill Road
  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516

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