May 11, 2020

Music Faculty

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Full-time Education

Job Description

City University Schools

High School and Middle School Faculty

NOTE: Only applicants that hold the proper qualifications and current certifications in the subject area listed will be considered for review. Those applicants who do not hold proper certification will not be considered.

The Influence1 Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was organized exclusively for purposes to include educational management, community engagement and economic development. Initiated as a philanthropic measure of its founder, Influence1 has grown to serve the local community in multiple capacities with varying programs geared for community and youth enrichment.

In addition to its charter schools, City University School of Liberal Arts, City University School Boys Preparatory, City University School Girls Preparatory, and City University School of Independence, Influence1 is also responsible for the 38106 Joint Agency Collaborative, 1Urban Gallery, and the Memphis Starts With Me © community program.

City University Schools

City University Schools is a network of open-enrollment college preparatory schools established under Tennessee charter school laws in under-resourced communities throughout the state.

Since its founding in 2004, City University Schools strives to meet the need of public education as well as the demand for alternative institutions committed to post-secondary preparation.

Each school operates on the principles of providing a valuable, well-rounded academic experience through the support of a diverse and dedicated group of qualified educators and administrative staff, an extended school year and rigorous college preparatory curriculum.


City University Schools will prepare its students with the necessary skills to be twenty-first century scholars and citizens. As college preparatory schools operating as Centers of Excellence for Student Development, City University Schools will provide academically rigorous and socially enriching educational opportunities for its scholars. Upon graduation, these scholars will be better prepared to enter secondary education and college as intellectually sophisticated citizens with vigor for learning.

Position Goal

To instruct high school and middle scholars by delivering a grade 6-12 curriculum in multiple disciplines, teach effectively, utilize a group-focused instructional system, and preserve the end goal of student learning and achieving academic success.


NOTE: Only applicants that hold the proper qualifications and current certifications in the subject area listed will be considered for review. Those applicants who do not hold proper certification will not be considered.
Instructional Plan/organize lessons-includes homework, test enrichment and remedial material.Motivate scholars, focus instruction, use point system, and make clear presentations.Check the learning, use group and group leaders, review or re-teach as needed.Evaluate and provide feedback to scholars from diagnostic assessment tools that identify leaning strengths and needs of every scholar for the purpose of intervention and/or acceleration toward academic excellence.Give presentations, explanations, and directions in a manner understood by scholars.Maintain scholar attention in class-involve scholars by asking questions, and encouraging participation.Demonstrate knowledge of subject matter through a variety of instructional techniques and instructional media with best practices, specific content knowledge, and the needs and capabilities of the scholar(s). Classroom Management Maintain a safe classroom environment by implementing precautions to assure safe surroundings in the classroom and for all scholars.Create a classroom environment conducive to learning and is developmentally suitable to the maturity and interest of the scholars.Uphold The Student Scholars Code of Conduct.Prevent behavior problems by keeping scholars engaged and intervening early before an issue arises.Reinforce/reward appropriate social and academic behavior in compliance with school rules and the Scholar Parent Handbook.Participate in general supervision through the school.Maintain accurate, complete and correct records of the scholars as required by law, school policy, and administrative regulations. Assessment
Evaluate the effectiveness of teaching based on results of student achievement (daily student performance and standardized tests). Please note, student achievement on standardized assessments is critical to the efforts of the schools and are accounted with the teacher evaluation process.
Rapport with Scholars and Parents Work with students enthusiastically, interact with students effectively, and contribute to the success of student life.Offer time outside of classroom time to speak with parents/guardians by phone/email to address questions/concerns regarding their scholars' grades/classroom issues.Sponsor scholar activities/sports/clubs/organizations. Professional Relationships Parents (professionalism in all aspects)Colleagues (respect, help others)Administrators (cooperation, willingness to try new ideas, ability to accept constructive criticism and improve) Commitment to Organization Take initiative in promoting/marketing the school.Maintain and project a positive image of the school.Actively participate in the general success of the school.Involvement in school improvement-bring issues/concerns to administration for resolution. Perform other related duties as assigned or directed in order to support the overall success of all schools on one campus.

Professional Growth (self and others)
Learn/study-become a student of learningRead and promote reading to scholarsShare expertise/ideas with others and help them develop professionallyPursue higher education and life-long learning activities


Bachelor's degree and teacher certification required, master's degree preferred. City University Schools complies with all Tennessee policies regarding minimum requirements that teachers be certified in the instructional subject area, or demonstrate progress toward obtaining proper certification.

NOTE: Only applicants that hold the proper qualifications and current certifications in the subject area listed will be considered for review. Those applicants who do not hold proper certification will not be considered.

Reports to

Campus President of City University Schools

Terms of Employment

This is a 10-month position. All contractual information will be outlined in the contract between the Teacher and the City University Schools Board of Trustees. The Teacher will be evaluated in accordance with Board policy.

Salary and Benefits

Starting salary is commensurate with experience - with competitive incentive increases.

Health and dental insurance for full-time employees - a portion of the cost of these programs will covered by the employer; Group term life and long-term disability insurance is also available; Retirement - any staff participation requirements of the state retirement system will be followed.

  • Position Type: Full-time
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Classroom Teacher > Music Education
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  • Felicia Hartsfield, Chief Operating Officer
  • 665 Madison Ave.
  • Memphis, Tennessee 38103

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