May 11, 2020

Speech-Language Pathologist

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Full-time School Support

Job Description


Arizona Speech-Language Pathologist Certification. Arizona Department of Health Services Speech Pathology License. A Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology. Certificate of Clinical Competence issued by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) or Clinical Competency exam passed with Certificate of Clinical Competence pending completion of Clinical Fellowship Year.

To improve the school educational experiences for students with speech and/or language problems through evaluation, diagnosis, prescription, and implementation of programs. To enhance the development of language skills as a basis for academic services through consultation and intervention in the classroom, therapy room, and at home.

  • Administer and interpret a variety of speech and language assessments designed for determining eligibility for speech and/or language services and for designing programs to meet the specific needs of students.
  • Evaluate and interpret assessment data, particularly individual tests, to make recommendations for placement for the full range of special education programs.
  • Confer with parents, teachers, administrators, and other professionals to interpret evaluations and recommendations concerning students in an effort to maximize educational development through placement or educational management and to ensure the least restrictive environment for each student.
  • Prepare and submit reports on individual student's evaluations.
  • Share in the responsibility of reviewing records of incoming students and attend multidisciplinary conferences as required.
  • Develop a speech/language IEP which includes recommendations from the speech/language evaluations and which may include the current district guidelines and objectives.
  • Motivate students to maximize their learning potential and ensure that all students have successful experiences.
  • Maintain high expectations for all students, with positive and effective classroom management in compliance with school and district guidelines.
  • Attend staff and inservice meetings, workshops, and school functions, as directed.
  • Maintain records and bill for students eligible to receive Medicaid in Public Schools (MIPS).
  • Adhere to all Board policies and/or rules, Arizona Revised Statutes, and federal regulations pertaining to education.
  • Continue to grow professionally through staff development opportunities and new developments in the field of speech-language pathology, while obtaining a minimum of 15 clock hours of staff development each year.
  • If necessary, serve in a supervisory role for Speech and Language Technicians (SLTs) engaging in their Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY).
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned.
  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Categories: Special Education > Speech/Language Pathologist
Student Services > Speech/Language Pathologist
Equal Opportunity Employer
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