May 11, 2020

Part-Time Substitute Security Officer

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  • Norfolk, VA, USA
Part-time Education

Job Description

Part-Time and Temporary; Non-Exempt

General Responsibilities

This position is responsible for ensuring the safety, security, and welfare of all students, faculty, staff, and visitors in an assigned school. The work involves being highly visible in the halls, parking lots, cafeteria, rest rooms, grounds, stairwells, and other locations for the purpose of ensuring order and discipline, preventing crime, investigating criminal acts, and detaining and apprehending persons violating the law on school premises.

Education and Experience

Requires a high school diploma. Must be certified by the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DJCS); or any equivalent combination of education and experience that would provide the above noted knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Essential Job Functions
  • The School Security Officers' work is performed under the direction of the Senior Coordinator of Security Services, Security Assistant, Building Administrator, and the Lead Security Officer.
  • Assists in the prevention of personal injury, property loss and disruption of the educational process through daily operations including routine patrol, crime prevention, surveillance, emergency responses, recovery of property, and related activities.
  • Enforces School Board policies and procedures regarding the conduct of persons on school property or school sponsored events.
  • Patrols assigned building and grounds as a visible force to prevent student disruptions, vandalism, illegal entry and other activities that detract from the care, welfare, safety and security of all students, staff and guests of NPS.
  • Queries visitors on school premises and assures that such visitors comply with proper NPS policies and procedures.
  • Confronts unauthorized persons for questioning, escorts individuals off school property or detains for police assistance, as needed.
  • Participates in random inspections, conducts metal detector screening for weapons and forbidden objects, and completes supporting documentation.
  • Prepares required written reports of incidents and disciplinary referrals.
  • Maintains a high level of visibility as students arrive and depart from school and as they change classes during the school day.
  • Participates in, and submits the supporting documentation for, regular fire, lockdown and tornado drills.
  • Offers testimony in court or before the School Board as necessary and obtains petitions and warrants.
  • Assist building administrator and staff with interventions related to altercations, or other forms of disruptive or illegal behavior.
  • Remains alert to incidents involving illegal substances or weapons being carried or stored on school property and submits the supporting documentation. Alerts the SRO regarding incident.
  • Performs physically strenuous activities required to identify, and detain intruders and trespassers. Patrols at night functions, such as meetings, student activities, special programs, etc., as requested or scheduled;b
  • Renders First Aid and CPR, as appropriate;
  • Collaborates with and assists public safety (police, fire, EMT) personnel who respond to calls on school grounds
  • Activates/deactivates smoke/fire/intrusion alarm system and secures doors.
  • Performs other duties, as necessary, to provide the care, welfare, safety and security of all in NPS.
  • Position Type: Part-time
Job Categories: Instructional Support > Substitute
Support Staff > Safety/Security
Contact Information
  • Amanda Schilling
  • 800 E. City Hall Ave
  • Norfolk, Virginia 23510

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