May 11, 2020

Driver, School Bus

  • TrulyHired
  • Phoenix, AZ, USA

Job Description


To transport children for school purposes in a safe and efficient manner.


Valid Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with airbrake and passenger endorsement. State school bus driver certification. Minimum age requirement of 21 years. Must have a good driving record, attend bus driver school and training, and be available for extra duty assignments such as field and activity trips as required. Health requirements may be required as established by the Board. Must be physically able to load and unload food lunch equipment, as well as lift, bend, stoop, and climb to move students safely.


  • Obey all traffic laws and observe all mandatory safety regulations for school buses.
  • Maintain discipline and supervision while transporting only authorized students, report undisciplined students to the proper authority, and discharge students only at authorized stops.
  • Keep assigned bus clean and in proper working and safety condition.
  • Inspect the bus before each operation for mechanical defects, notifying the proper authority of any mechanical failure.
  • Inform students about safety requirements.
  • Report all accidents and complete required reports.
  • Supervise bus assistant to ensure highest safety standards.
  • Exercise responsible leadership during school trips.
  • Perform other duties as required.


Nine-month year, beginning salary Level BD, employee benefits in accordance with Board Policies.

  • Position Type: Part-time
Equal Opportunity Employer
Contact Information
  • Clair Perry
  • 4510 N 37th Ave
  • Phoenix, Arizona 85019

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