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Gerber School Teaching Assistant

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Teaching Assistant

Gerber School

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DATE WRITTEN: January 2011

JOB TITLE: Teaching Assistant

LOCATION: Gerber School

SUPERVISOR'S TITLE: Program Administrators


SCHEDULE: Monday through Friday 8:00am - 3:15pm

Additional meetings as scheduled.


FUNCTION: The Teaching Assistant works under the direction of, and in accordance with, the classroom teacher(s) to plan, coordinate, and implement the assigned classroom program.

INTERACTION WITH OTHERS: Interact with students, teachers, and other professional within and outside of the agency and district.

EQUIPMENT USED: Computer, copier, slide projector, VCR/DVD, laminator, phones, vehicles, overhead projector, fax and other equipment as assigned.

DECISION-MAKING AUTHORITY: As delineated within the guidelines of this job description and in consultation with the supervising teacher and program administrators.





Responsibility A: Classroom Responsibilities

Percentage of Time: 60%.

Task #1 Assist in carrying out lessons to students as arranged by the teacher, including working with students on an individual or small group basis. (E)

Task #2 Assist the teacher in addressing IEP goals for each student. (E)

Task #3 Assist the teacher with managing behaviors. (E)

Task #4 Assist the teacher in maintaining a functional, attractive, and orderly environment conducive to student learning. (E)

Task #5 Promote and model responsible, respectful, and safe behaviors. (E)

Task #6 Promote and model appropriate social interactions with and between students. (E)

Task #7 Maintain the classroom routine when the teacher is not present. (E)

Task #8 Work on a one-to-one basis with intensive students as assigned by teacher or Supervising Teacher/Principal/Dean.

~Modify lessons within parameters set by the teacher.

~Maintain close proximity with student to manage behaviors.

~Provide alternative learning areas for the student as needed.

~Accompany student at all times throughout the day. (E)

Responsibility B: Administrative/Clerical

Percentage of Time: 20%.

Task #1 Assist the teacher in routine paperwork. (E)

Task #2 Assist the teacher in clerical tasks, arts and crafts preparation, and housekeeping duties. (E)

Task #3 Record and compile data monitoring student behavior(s). (E)

Task #4 Inventory and maintain sufficient classroom supplies (pencils, pens, paper, etc.) (E)

Task #5 Check email daily. (E)

Task #6 Complete Restrictive Intervention/Unusual Incident Reports as required. (E)

Task #7 Maintain timecard, including inputting all absences and holidays (E)

Task #8 Report daily behaviors to Residential Treatment Center and Group Home staff as required by the Supervising Teacher/Administrators. (E)

Responsibility C: Other Duties as Assigned

Percentage of Time: 20%.

Task #1 Participate in staff/team/collaboration meetings as assigned. (E)

Task #2 Perform all other duties and tasks as assigned from time to time by the teacher, or administrators as it relates to individual students or the classroom. (E)

Task #3 Monitor school areas, including classrooms, Refocus, time out rooms, offices, hallways, restrooms, gymnasium, art room, cafeteria, yards, parking lots, porches, and all other areas on campus as assigned by the administrators or Supervising Teacher. (E)

Task #4 Monitor student behaviors during lunch, going to and from all classes, RTC and during bus loading and unloading. (E)

Task #5 Monitor student behaviors in vehicles and while on field trips. (E)

Task #6 Fill in for missing staff as assigned by the administrators/Peace Team. (E)

Task #7 Perform other duties and tasks as assigned by the Supervising Teacher or administrators as it relates to individual students and classrooms and/or clerical duties. (E)

Task #8 Participate in professional growth activities, including staff meetings, team collaborations and training sessions. (E)

Task #9 Demonstrate professional work habits. (E)

Task #10 Participate in quality improvement planning and programming. (E)

Task #11 Fulfill vocational job coach responsibilities as required (E)

Task #12 Report any unusual student behaviors to the administrators. (E)

Task #13 Report any suspected abuse to the DCFS hotline as required by your position as a Mandated Reporter. Inform the Principal when a report has been made. (E)

Responsibility D: General Responsibilities

Percentage of Time: At all times.

Task #1 Model the agency's core values of integrity, respect, teamwork, compassion, excellence, spirituality (see definition in "Our Core Values"), and accountability in all activities and in interactions with clients, coworkers, and the general public. (E)

Task #2 Maintain standards of personal and professional conduct that do not conflict with requirements of regulatory and licensing agencies, and that are not in conflict with the published mission, vision, and core values of Cunningham Children's Home, Urbana School District #116, and Child Welfare Code of Ethics. (E)

Task #3 Maintain consistently good attendance and punctuality. (E)

Task #4 Maintain strict standards of client confidentiality. (E)

Task #5 Model and support the agency expectations of being respectful, being responsible, and being safe. (E)

Task #6 Maintain all training and documentation requirements in accordance with agency and regulatory policies. (E)

Task #7 Know and abide by all policies and procedures as outlined in the Employee Handbook and in departmental policies and procedures, including but not limited to:
a) prohibition against workplace violence in any form, including both physical and verbal abuse; prohibition against illegal discrimination and harassment; compliance with all safety procedures. (E)
Task #8 Maintain certification and physical condition which permits employee to perform physical restraints. (E)

Task #9 Monitor students at all times. (E)

Tasks #10 Actively participate in agency, program and/or department quality improvement activities. (E)



Minimum Education: Must meet all requirements for the position as designated by the Illinois State Board of Education. Paraprofessional License is required. 60 hours of college credit or passing scores for the WorkKeys Exam are required.

Licenses Required : ISBE Paraprofessional License. Valid driver's license and proof of insurance.

Knowledge : Classroom teaching principles, crisis intervention, de-escalation, problem solving, and behavior management.

Skills : Work with students with behavioral/emotional problems.

Abilities : To work well under pressure and prioritize multiple tasks.

Other: All Cunningham Children's Home employees are subjected to pre-employment,

random, and for-cause drug testing ( drug testing does not apply to Urbana School District #116 employees ). Thorough criminal background checks are conducted on all employees and must not disclose anything that would indicate unfitness to work in a school setting. All employees are required to pass a pre-employment physical.



% of time in climate controlled area ("inside" work)? 95%

% of time spent outdoors? 5%

Noise level? _______Low____ x ____ Moderate ________Loud

Lighting? adequate

Amount and type of reading required ? memos, email

Is driving required? occasionally Type of Vehicle? CCH

Amount and purpose of handwritten work? some reports

Is "keyboarding" required? yes

Is the air in the work area well ventilated? yes

Does this job require using equipment that delivers vibrations to the hands and/or arms?


Is there exposure to hazardous materials? no

Is lifting required? occasionally Amt. of Weight Lifted? varies

Is carrying required? occasionally How many pounds? varies How far? 20-40 ft.

Is bending or stooping required? Occasionally and as needed during restraints

Is reaching required? occasionally How far and for what? varies, restraint

Is walking required? yes How far? up to 100 yds.

Is running required? Occasionally, if required to follow students attempting to leave campus

Is climbing stairs required? yes




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Note:  This is a position within the collective bargaining unit and is not an administrative position.


  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Category: Instructional Support > Paraprofessional / IA
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