May 11, 2020

Substitute School Nurse

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  • Charleston, WV, USA
Full-time Education

Job Description

Division of Student Support Services

Office of Health Services

BS in Nursing, Minimum 5 Years RN Experience, and a Valid WV RN License
• Baccalaureate degree, with a major in nursing, with West Virginia State license to practice as a registered nurse.
• Meets West Virginia Department of Education certification requirements for school nurse.

• Has the following professional competencies:

o Demonstrates expertise and experience in working with school-age children in health related fields.
o Demonstrates ability to work as a member of a team.
o Demonstrates ability to work individually without direct supervision.
o Demonstrates ability to organize and schedule time efficiently.
o Demonstrates knowledge of important, relevant and current issues pertaining to school-age children.
o Demonstrates an understanding of health education programs.
o Demonstrates ability to maintain complete and accurate records.
o Demonstrates ability to relate a positive attitude in working with other staff members and the public.
• Demonstrates knowledge of the wellness concept and preventive health program.
• Demonstrates knowledge of health counseling techniques.
• Possesses health assessment and observation skills.
• Possesses at least minimal knowledge of local, state and national health resources.

REPORTS TO: Lead School Nurse

SUPERVISES: Personnel performing specialized health procedures.

SUPPORT RELATIONSHIPS: Works cooperatively with Lead Nurse, division staff, school personnel and the community in planning and delivery of school health programs.

JOB GOALS: To implement approved total health program at the local school level and collaborate with principals and teachers in providing health education for students and in-service programs for personnel.

• Plans for school health services at the local school level to meet the particular health needs of students in that school.

• Delivers a broad range of school health services at the local level, including in some cases, services and educational programs for parents.

• Collaborates with principals and teachers to provide health education and in-service programs at the local level.
• Utilizes community health care resources in providing school health services for assigned schools.
• Complies with health and screening regulations as mandated by West Virginia State law, West Virginia Department of Education regulations and county policies.
• Documents health information for appropriate school personnel and health care agencies.

• Provides statistical health information for the school health office.

• Implements a follow-up program to assure correction of remedial health problems.

• Assists in modification of the educational program for exceptional students and other students with health conditions that interfere with their ability to attend school and/or learn.

• Assesses immunization status of students entering a West Virginia school for the first time and provides information for a report to the West Virginia State Health Department Immunization Control Division and other appropriate agencies.
• Identifies and reports students at high risk for health problems.

• Completes health appraisals on all students referred by Office of Exceptional Students, parents, and teachers.
• Attends IEP meetings and writes health components of the Individualized Education Program for students at their assigned schools.
• Designates personnel to perform specialized health procedures on identified students.

• Trains and supervises designated personnel in performance of specialized health procedures.

• Provides for emergency care and first aid to injured and ill students and school personnel; maintains and replenishes health supplies.
• Provides instruction in CPR and First Aid for selected personnel and others as indicated.

• Counsels with students and parents, confers with teachers and other school personnel to share and interpret student health problems.
• Follows up on all abnormalities found, assists parents by referring to appropriate health care providers.
• Controls communicable diseases by observing signs and symptoms and providing follow up measures. Monitors tuberculin tests for students transferring from out of state.
• Maintains and promotes confidentiality within the legal, regulatory and ethical parameters of health and education.
• Records all health information for Health Services file; compiles health statistics for monthly, annual and any special reports. Records all pertinent Pre K/Head Start information on P-Steps computer based tracking system.
• Coordinates and assists in special medical services and clinics approved by the Office of Health Services.
• Makes home visits as necessary, coordinating with the school social worker and other staff as indicated.
• Coordinates with the school social workers and family resource workers to arrange transportation to health care agencies, if indicated.
• Follows up on all injury reports of students submitted by principals.

• Provides pre-enrollment screening for preschool and kindergarten students.

• Completes Medicaid billing forms on eligible students when appropriate.

• Investigates all requests from physicians for medical homebound placements and completes applications for approval.
• Re-evaluates students on medical homebound placements each quarter.

• Utilizes self-appraisal for the improvement of administrative skills.

• Demonstrates unbiased attitudes in fulfilling administrative responsibilities.
• Utilizes research in school nurse practice. Participates in research as appropriate.
• Performs other assignments related to the job as assigned by the Deputy Superintendent and the Lead School Nurse.

200 days
Salary in accordance with established pay schedule

Performance evaluation in accordance to WVDE policy 5310.

All job descriptions will contain the information and facts considered essential to describing and evaluating job performance fairly and equitably. They should not be construed as detailed statements of all the work required to be performed.

Revised: 3.3.03
  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Categories : Instructional Support > Substitute
Student Services > School Nurse
Equal Opportunity Employer
Contact Information
  • Carol Hamric
  • 200 Elizabeth Street
  • Charleston, West Virginia 25311

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