May 11, 2020

Substitute Custodial

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  • Herscher, IL 60941, USA
Full-time Education

Job Description

Reports to: Building Principal, Head Custodian, Director of Maintenance and Custodial
SUMMARY: To provide students with a safe, attractive, comfortable, clean and efficient place in which to learn, play and develop

  • Keeps building/premises, including sidewalks, driveways and play areas neat and clean at all times.
  • Shovel, plow and sand walkways, driveways, parking areas and steps as appropriate.
  • Sweeps classrooms daily, dusts furniture and spot/wet mops as needed.
  • Cleans corridors after school each day.
  • Scrubs, hoses down, disinfects toilet floors daily. Cleans all sanitary fixtures and drinking fountains daily.
  • Washes all windows on both the inside and out at least 2 times/year. More frequently if necessary.
  • Keeps the grounds free from rubbish.
  • Performs such yardkeeping chores as grass cutting, tree trimming and the like, as necessary, to maintain the school grounds in a safe and attractive condition.
  • Keeps all floors in a clean and attractive condition and in a good state of preservation.
  • Cleans all chalkboards at least once a week.
  • Makes such minor building repairs, as he/she is capable of.
  • Reports major repairs needed to the Head Custodian or Maintenance Director
  • Reports immediately to the Head Custodian any damage to school property.
  • Remains on the school premises at all times during school hours, and during nonschool hours when his attendance is required by the Building Principal.
  • Assumes responsibility, before leaving, that all doors/windows are secured and all lights, except those left on for safety reasons, are turned off.
  • Checks and replaces all light bulbs/tubes
  • Moves furniture/equipment within buildings as required for various activities as directed by the Building Principal, Maintenance Director or Head Custodian.
  • Complies with local laws and procedures for the storage/disposal of trash, rubbish and waste
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Must pass physical exam
  • Must demonstrate aptitude or competence for assigned responsibilities
  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Categories: Instructional Support > Substitute
Support Staff > Custodian
Equal Opportunity Employer
Contact Information
  • Heather Crane
  • 501 N Main Street
  • Herscher, Illinois 60941

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