May 11, 2020

Clerk of the School Board

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  • Norfolk, VA, USA

Job Description

Full-Time and Permanent; Exempt; 7.5 Hours/Day; 252 Days/Year; 12 Months/Year


The incumbent in this position provides administrative support to the School Board. The work

requires an understanding of School Board operations, a broad knowledge of the organization and

regulations affecting the school system, and the ability to interact effectively with School Board

Members and top-level officials, as necessary, on sensitive, confidential and controversial matters.

The work generally includes completing the detailed and written work related to School Board

operations and the coordination of other matters essential to its efficiency.


Day-to-day supervision is provided by the Superintendent of Schools and under the general

direction of the School Board/Chair.


This is an administrative position assigned to support the School Board.


Coordinates, plans and manages all activities related to School Board meetings to include

supporting and assisting with the development of the agenda with input from the Board Chair,

Superintendent, and Vice Chair; prepares and distributes board packets and all required information

prior to meetings; makes meeting room arrangements.

Prepares reports for the School Board as requested by the Superintendent and provides adequate

follow up; ensures that reports prepared by staff for School Board members and/or board meetings

are ready for distribution. Attends all School Board meetings, special meetings, retreats, public

hearings, and work sessions, as required, documenting action items and discussions.

Records and edits minutes of School Board meetings in a timely manner and maintains approved

legal records of all School Board actions, in accordance with the Code of Virginia: develops

transcriptions for approval and insertion into the Board's official records.

Manages all official records of the Board, including BoardDocs, the division's board management

software system, and other board-related communications outreach endeavors. This may include

organizing special events, and publishing all legal notices concerning the School Board.

Responds to requests for division policy information, assures adopted policies are updated in the

School Board's Policy Manual and refers specific policy questions to the appropriate department.

Composes correspondence on matters pertaining to the School Board for the Chairman's signature;

and assembles information requested by Board members.

Serves as a liaison with the School Board attorney when directed by the Superintendent or School

Board; monitors activities to ensure that School Board actions are disseminated in a complete,

accurate, appropriate and timely manner.

Develops and manages the School Board's Calendar annually.

Informs Board Members of invitations to community meetings and events.

Coordinates and supports the development of News Releases, Public Service Announcements, and

attendance at school sponsored programs in collaboration with the Senior Director of

Communications and Media Relations.

Validates legal actions taken by the Board, warrants for payment of money, employee contracts,

and other documents requiring the signature of the Clerk of the Board.

Prepares resolutions submitted to the School Board for its consideration; edits resolutions prepared

by outside agencies and staff members for the Board's consideration; and prepares special awards

for presentation by the School Board.

Develops and manages the School Board's budget and submits monthly reports to School Board

members (monitors and verifies expenses, orders materials and supplies, and processes School

Board members' travel reimbursement requests).

Coordinates and assists in the arrangement for registration, accommodations, and associated travel

for School Board members to attend meetings and conferences pertaining to the duties of the School

Board. Responsible for collecting receipts and submitting them for travel reimbursement.

Writes letters advising individuals of their appointment to advisory committees and study groups;

and maintains an up-to-date listing of all advisory committees functioning throughout the school


Works to improve the efficiency of the School Board office, to include services to the School

Board members and the public.

Performs other duties as assigned.


Knowledge of the organization, structure, and functions of K-12 public educational institutions and

School Boards.

Knowledge of parliamentary procedures, Roberts Rules of Order, and the fundamental principles of

budgeting and budget management.

Demonstrated skills in successfully completing administrative duties including: planning,

coordinating, organizing, scheduling, and prioritizing activities, functions and assignments.

Ability to make decisions in accordance with established practices and procedures, and to speak on

behalf of the district and School Board when directed.

Effective organizational skills, the ability to analyze, interpret and synthesize data, attention to

detail and the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing are required.

Demonstrated knowledge of policies, procedures and practices of School Boards generally, with

experience responding to local & state officials and the general public is desired.

Ability to establish and maintain successful working relationships with superiors, peers,

government officials, community organizations, business leaders, and the news media.

Experience with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.


Bachelor's Degree (preferred) and experience as an executive or administrative assistant that would

indicate the noted knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the essential functions of the position.

Any comparable amount of education, knowledge, skills and experiences may be considered for

minimum qualifications.


Work may be subject to deadlines and attendance at evening meetings and events is required.

  • Position Type: Full-time
Contact Information
  • Amanda Schilling
  • 800 E. City Hall Ave
  • Norfolk, Virginia 23510

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