May 11, 2020

Custodian-2nd Shift

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Full-time School Support

Job Description

Please note: all applicants are referred to Express Temporary Agency. After working for Express for 600 hours you are eligible to be hired by D155 as a full-time custodian.

Job Description

Position : Custodian

Classification : 12-month Custodian, 8hrs/Day

General Description : To p erform cleaning duties in the facility to keep areas in clean and orderly condition. Provides assistance with outside cleaning duties. Makes repairs on small equipment and on broken desks, chairs, door parts, windows, etc.

Supervisor : Building Administrator

Evaluation : Members of the support staff are formally evaluated annually as superior, satisfactory, or unsatisfactory in each of the following categories: 1) Quality of Work, 2)Productivity, 3) Initiative and Creativity, 4) Job Related Skills, 5) Professionalism, 6) Attendance, and 7) Interpersonal Skills.

Minimum Entry Requirements :

1. Ability to work effectively with staff, students, parents, and administrators

2. Demonstrates pride in the district, school, students, co-workers, and own job

3. Competent in cleaning, floor refinishing, and technological skills

4. Ability to prioritize and problem solve complex tasks

5. Ability to perform the custodial tasks appropriate for the position

6. Skill in interpersonal relations and the ability to maintain confidentiality

7. Ability to conduct and maintain a professional demeanor

8. Multi-task oriented with the ability to work independently or as part of a team to complete tasks

9. Physically capable of performing the appropriate duties associated with the position with or without accommodations

10. Able to work 8 hours a day

Essential Functions of the Job :

1. Perform cleaning functions throughout school facilities

2. Perform snow removal and operate cleaning machinery

3. Assist in minor repairs and filter changes

4. Perform Tasks as Assigned by the Supervisor and/or Building Principal

Illustration of Responsibilities and Duties

The following is a list of responsibilities and typical duties that fall under those responsibilities. The list is general in nature and is meant to illustrate many of the things that are done by the combined efforts of all the custodial staff in the school district. Each administrative office assigns the responsibilities and duties according to what that attendance center needs to have done according to the particular time or circumstances.

There may be items not on this list that are related to the functions of the job that a 12- month custodian may be expected to do. The typical duties will vary according to the specific position in the particular building or office, and each building or office may have a more specific description of behaviors applicable to that setting:

1. Makes minor maintenance repairs which may include replacing lights and receptacle covers; repairs broken desks and chairs; replaces and/or repairs door parts, pencil sharpeners; installs overhead screens.

2. Changes air filters; clears clogged drains and commodes; vacuums water from floors due to pipe or roof leaks; replaces ceiling tiles, repairs power cords; replaces tissue holders, window shades, broken windows, etc.

3. Provides assistance with outside cleaning chores, which include sweeping sidewalks and/or parking areas, picking up trash, snow removal, etc.

4. Cleans classrooms, restrooms, offices, corridors, walls and windows daily, or as scheduled; sweeps, mops, vacuums and/or waxes floors.

5. Operates various types of equipment and machinery which includes water vacuum, band trucks, vacuum cleaners, carpet shampoo machine, floor buffer/polisher, steam cleaner, washing machine, dryer, etc.

6. Makes repairs as needed.

7. Assists in providing summer cleaning of buildings which includes lifting and removing furniture from school rooms, cleaning floors and blinds, washing walls, doors, furniture, etc.

8. May be required to lock and/or unlock doors at the appropriate times daily.

9. Removes debris from buildings each day.

10. Perform other tasks and responsibilities assigned by the supervisor.

  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Category: Support Staff > Custodian
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