May 11, 2020

Delivery Driver II

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  • Topeka, KS, USA

Job Description

Reports To: Supervisor - Warehouse & Distribution/Vehicle Operations

Position Purpose: To aid in the efficient operation of the warehouse, including the pickup and delivery of food, school supplies, furniture, and other supplies to various District schools and buildings so that they present no problems or interruptions to the education program.

High school graduate or equivalent.At least five years experience as a delivery driver in a commercial or educational operation, preferably with a company whose primary business is food service.Experience and training in warehouse operations (preferably in an educational environment) to include receiving, data collection and recording, order processing, inventory control, filing, returns and allowances, quality control, materials handling, purchasing, packaging, sorting, etc. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as determined to be appropriate and acceptable.Documented knowledge of standard practices, equipment, and terminology in all phases of warehouse operations.Knowledge of food storage methods and basic record-keeping methods applicable to delivery functions.Must be familiar with the Department of Transportation regulations and safety standards for commercial drivers.Must be familiar with and follow all Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act laws and requirements.Basic knowledge of computers and electronic equipment necessary to fulfill job functions.Ability to drive and operate medium to large trucks (with a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 26,000 pounds), forklift, and other materials handling equipment used in warehouse and food delivery operations.Must have a valid Commercial Kansas driver's license and possess a good driving record.Ability to work in varied weather and temperature conditions.Ability to work from heights.Ability to perform work independently according to prescribed standards and procedures with a minimum of supervision.Ability to follow verbal and written instructions.Dependability and the ability to get along with others.Knowledge of occupational hazards, safety precautions, hazardous materials, and proper ways necessary to perform the assigned tasks.

Physical/Emotional Requirements:

The incumbent may be required to use the following skills and abilities during any part of the working day:
  • The incumbent must be able to lift and carry up to 100 pounds.
  • Ability to work from a ladder.
  • Speaking, reading, hearing, manual dexterity.
  • Standing, sitting, bending, stooping, walking.
  • Reaching, pushing, pulling, climbing, driving.

Performance Responsibilities:

Report to the Supervisor of Warehouse and Distribution/Vehicle Operations to receive each day's assignments.Sort, pick up meals, food products, serving products, utensils, etc. from host cafeterias and deliver to elementary schools and other locations throughout the District in a timely manner, according to assigned route and schedule.Deliver school supplies, furniture, equipment, packages, mail, and other supplies from Central Service Center warehouse to various high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, and other locations throughout the District as assigned by Supervisor of Warehouse and Distribution/Vehicle Operations.Load, unload, prepare, and inspect all items prior to final delivery. Stock kitchens as necessary.Perform warehouse activities as assigned or by following an established work schedule.Assist in the stockroom to receive/inspect merchandise, pick orders, fill orders, route orders, store supplies, stock shelves, dust shelves, replenish supplies, package merchandise, reject/return damaged merchandise, etc.Assist in the periodic review of stockroom items to determine age, quality, and availability.Lift, move, and/or load boxes, supplies, furniture, equipment, etc. within schools and buildings, outside schools and buildings, etc. as necessary to support school/building operations.Sort mail and deliver as assigned.Replenish supplies as necessary as shelves are emptied.Respond to work requests in a timely and courteous manner.Perform daily tasks in accordance with appropriate standards and procedures.Complete driver logs, reports, work order entries, etc. as necessary.Follow the District's system for the receipt and issuance of parts and supplies, as well as maintain recordkeeping and inventories. Provide accurate inventory records of supplies held in the warehouse.Follow the Department of Transportation regulations and safety standards in carrying out day-to-day work activities.Adhere to all federal, state, and local statutes and regulations in carrying out day-to-day work activities.Attend appropriate training sessions, meetings, and classes as part of professional development.Accomplish assigned tasks in a safe and efficient manner.Operate and care for equipment used in daily work assignments.Demonstrate professional image through appearance, language, and work ethic.Require good attendance record for continuity of operations.Perform other duties as assigned.

Term of Employment: Twelve (12) months

Evaluation: Performance of this position will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board policy on evaluation of Classified Personnel.

Significant Associations: The performance responsibilities are not limited to those outlined in this description and may include any other responsibilities as assigned by the administrator/supervisor.

  • Position Type: Full-time
Contact Information
  • Rebecca Dortch
  • 624 SW 24th Street
  • Topeka, Kansas 66611

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