May 11, 2020

Social Emotional Learning Specialist, Elementary

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  • Thornton, CO, USA
Full-time School Support

Job Description

Summary: Social Emotional Learning Specialists accelerate student growth in social-emotional

competences and support a positive school climate and culture. The Social Emotional

Learning Specialist will collaborate with administration in order to assess, develop and

implement school-wide initiatives to address social-emotional wellness. Ongoing

collaboration with classroom teachers and all support staff is inherent to this position in an

effort to build instructional capacity in the area of social emotional learning among staff.

Social Emotional Learning Specialists provide professional learning in evidence-based social

emotional practices, facilitate analysis of climate and culture data as well as student social

emotional data, and engage in coaching cycles with teachers.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

? Collaborate with current administration, mental health providers, counselors, and teachers

to support schools in social emotional learning framework implementation and address

social emotional wellness

? Build and participate in the implementation of a continuum of social/emotional services to

support all students within a school, including direct support of student intervention

? Lead the planning and delivery of a guaranteed and viable SEL competency instruction in

the building

? Provide side-by-side coaching to teachers and staff - especially new teachers - to create safe,

inclusive and respectful classrooms with diverse populations of students

? Reviews school-wide data and assessment data to assist buildings in designing school-wide

interventions and support SEL competencies

? Provide professional learning or content for adult learners

? Demonstrate and maintain productive and positive interpersonal skills.

? Promote professional conversation and reflective thinking to impact teacher effectiveness

? Apply facilitation skills, knowledge and experience to support adult learners' development

? Use evidence-based and technically-sound practices to drive planning, decision-making and


? Attend ongoing professional development to increase knowledge on how to support

systems and resilience in staff and the school community

? Engage in continuous learning with evidence-based best practices in social emotional

learning; build capacity to train schools in those practices

? Other duties as assigned

Education and Related Work Experience:

? Master's degree or higher in Counseling, Social Work, Psychology, Teacher

? Preferred 3-5 years of experience working in education

? Effective communication and collaboration skills

? Knowledge and experience in planning and leading effective adult learning

? Ability to structure own time and manage multiple perspectives

? Experience in leadership, understanding of system implementation and change


? Training in trauma-informed practices and/or restorative practices and experience

teaching a social emotional curriculum to students

Licenses, Registrations or Certifications:

? Criminal background check required for hire

? Must possess, or be able to obtain a valid Colorado Educator License from the Colorado

Department of Education (CDE) within 30 days of hire.

? Must possess the required license and endorsement.


- The salary listed is for full time positions (1.0 FTE). This salary will be adjusted, as needed, based upon the FTE.

- The salary grade posted is the starting salary range for Bachelor's Step 1. Salary for position may vary based on education and experience.

- Salary placement on our Certified Salary schedule is dependent on the employees' education and/or work experience. Initial placement will be at bachelor (BA) step 1. If minimum qualifications are higher than a (BA), they will be placed at the initial requirement level for this position.

- After initial placement by the district on the salary schedule, the certified/licensed employee can provide the district additional official transcripts and/or documentation to support further salary advancement.

- Certified/licensed employees will be granted one (1) year for each full year of contractual and/or work experience up to a maximum of six (6) years, which includes in-district and out-of-district contractual teaching and/or work experience. Responsibility for verification of outside experience shall rest with the individual employee.

- For further explanation of salary placement please refer to our Certified Master agreement that can be found on our district website.


All applicants (current district employees and external applicants) should list any and all work experience, including current district experience, when completing the employment application. Please include job titles and duties that you held while doing that job. If you attach a resume, please take the time to fill out the online application as well. Since the Human Resource department uses the application to screen for minimum qualifications required for each job, it is important to have a complete application so you will be considered for the position you are applying for.


  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Categories : Special Education > Emotionally Disabled
Special Education > Transition Specialist
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  • Nicole Stone
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