May 11, 2020

Special Education Instructional Coach (2019-2020)

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The Syracuse City School District is Building our Future by ensuring that all students have the opportunity to achieve at a high level. Teaching and learning are our core business and we know that education is essential to improve future life opportunities for our students. We also recognize that strong leaders and teachers together have a profound impact on student achievement. With this in mind, we are seeking educators who are ready to partner with us and our community in ensuring a bright future for all students. The Syracuse City School District represents 34 schools and 4 alternative education programs and serves over 21,000 students in grades Pre K-12. 78% of SCSD students qualify for free or reduced lunch price, and approximately 20% are served by the Office of Special Education. 77% of the students in the school district are students of color.


The Special Education Coach will provide instructional support and coaching to SCSD special education teachers as they work to implement the curriculum and specially designed instruction. The primary role of the Special Education Coach is to work with special education teachers to support best practices in using data, provide analysis of classroom and school-wide trends in instruction and make recommendations about potential next steps to address areas of individual needs of students.

As an advisor to teachers and principals, the coach is responsible for providing support in instructional planning and delivery, specially designed instruction, analyzing data in order to adapt curriculum, and sharing of best practices across all academic disciplines. The coach will support special educators across all content areas but will also support teachers in implementing specially designed instruction and Tier 3 interventions for students.

The responsibilities of the Special Education Coach extend beyond the school day. To maximize the amount of time during the school day that the coach supports teachers directly, they will be expected to complete planning, organizational tasks, and meetings with the Special Education Instructional Team outside of regular school hours. The coach will also be expected to attend special education professional development that occurs after school and in the summer.

REPORTS TO: Director of Special Education


  • Instructional Support: Supporting teachers with designing and implementing rigorous and culturally responsive strategies that meet the learning needs of students with disabilities
    • Provides instructional coaching in all academic areas which includes student-centered observation-feedback cycles with individual teachers focused on improving student outcomes through effective instruction and assessment
    • Facilitates reflection and problem solving with teachers
    • Creates an environment that establishes and promotes continuous improvement for student outcomes
    • Collaborates with teachers and provides specific strategies for improved instructional delivery with research-based instructional strategies and interventions to improve achievement for all students
    • Assists teachers with implementation of Tier 3 interventions
    • Co-teaches and/or models lessons as needed to support teacher development
    • Builds teacher capacity in ensuring all students with disabilities have equitable access to rigorous learning opportunities that take individual student needs into consideration
  • Data Analysis and Utilization Support: Supporting teachers in understanding, analyzing and utilizing data to support equitable student access to learning
    • Establishes a culture that uses student data regularly to improve instructional practices
    • Builds teacher capacity in effectively using formative data to inform instruction
    • Cultivates a standards-based, data and results-oriented culture
    • Collaborates and/or facilitates the analysis of interim and formative assessment data that informs instructional planning
  • Special Education Support: Supporting teachers in deepening their knowledge of specially designed instruction while aligning standards, curriculum, and assessment across multi- grade classrooms
    • Makes recommendations on best practices for supporting teachers in delivering grade appropriate content while making appropriate accommodations based on information in the IEP and student needs
    • Supports teachers in reviewing curriculum to identify ways to provide access for students with disabilities
    • Supports teachers in the development of strong and compliant IEPs
    • Reviews and provides feedback on teacher-developed lesson plans, unit plans and assessments
  • Professional Development: Providing ongoing professional development based on teacher, building, and district needs.
    • Attends district professional development sessions that happen both within and outside of regular school hours
    • Turnkeys professional development to teachers during before or after school professional development times or during Collaborative Planning Time
    • Builds the capacity of teachers to support the improvement of student outcomes
    • Collaborates with master teachers and principals in determining appropriate resources and support for teachers
    • Leads teacher study groups to increase content and pedagogical knowledge as needed
  • Other work:
    • Coordinates with stakeholders and the leadership team as necessary to support teacher development and student growth
    • Maintains records of teacher support and submits to supervisor at requested intervals to document quantity, duration and type of teacher support
    • Completes any additional duties as assigned by the Director of Special Education


  • Strong record of helping students achieve academic success, primarily with students of color and low-income students
  • Significant experience with working with students with disabilities
  • Experience working coaching and mentoring teachers
  • Experience in analyzing data and using results to modify lessons
  • Knowledge of and experience with specially designed instruction
  • Knowledge and experience of the SCSD approved Tier 3 interventions
  • Proven experience accelerating measurable student learning in urban schools (preferred)
  • Training and or experience with Culturally Relevant Education (preferred)
  • Prior demonstration of exemplary attendance is expected of any candidate for hire.
  • All candidates must possess New York State teacher certification in their subject area, or qualify to obtain it by the first date of employment. This requires at least a Bachelor's degree. Licensed teachers from other states may qualify for reciprocity.
  • Please note that New York State requires a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.5 for certification, and one hired, this proof will be kept on file in the Office of Human Resources.
  • Once offered, you will be required to declare that all previous obligations with an employing school district have been met and you are not seeking this position with the intent of resigning from a previous commitment in which you have not served.
  • City Residents are encouraged to apply!


  • The current starting salary for SCSD Teachers is $48,500. With proof of outside related experience and college transcripts, the salary will be increased pursuant to the Unit 1 contractual agreement.
  • Teachers who are assigned to work at schools with extended learning time will receive an additional stipend.
  • Teachers will have the opportunity to earn additional compensation by working summer school programs. Teachers with experience and a deep background in Urban Education may qualify for the District's Urban Fellowship Program. For details of the program and its requirements, please click HERE.
  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Categories : Instructional Support > Teacher Mentor
Special Education > General Special Education
Student Services > Teacher Mentor
Athletics & Activities > Coaching
Equal Opportunity Employer
Syracuse City School District is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital/civil union status, ancestry, place of birth, age, citizenship status, veteran status, political affiliation, genetic information or disability, as defined and required by state and federal laws. Additionally, we prohibit retaliation against individuals who oppose such discrimination and harassment or who participate in an equal opportunity investigation.
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