May 11, 2020

Substitute - Custodian

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  • Swedesboro, NJ 08085, USA
Full-time Education

Job Description


  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Knowledge of cleaning methods and procedures, proper handling of hazardous materials
  • Good physical health and ability to perform assigned tasks
  • Minimum of one year of previous work related experience
  • Required criminal history review background check and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable
Reports To: Buildings and Grounds Supervisor

Job Goal: To provide a safe, clean and comfortable school environment.
Performance Responsibilities:
  • Opens the building.
  • On Saturdays and school holidays, closes building anddetermines, before leaving, that all doors and windows are secured, and all lights, except those left on for safety reasons, are turned off.
  • Keeps building and premises, including sidewalks, driveways, and play areas neat and clean at all times.
  • Displays the U.S. flag during school hours on days when school is in session.
  • Checks daily to ensure that all exit doors are open and all panic bolts are working properly during the hours of building occupancy.
  • Cleans corridors after each school day, and during the day when their condition requires it.
  • Cleans and sanitizes bathroom fixtures and floors daily, and replenishes paper and soap supplies as needed.
  • Cleans and sanitizes all drinking fountains daily.
  • Cleans cafeteria dining areas as assigned by the Building Principal.
  • Reports major repair needs promptly to the Building and Grounds Supervisor.
  • Shovels, plows, salts, and/or sweeps sidewalks, steps, driveways and parking areas as necessary.
  • Obeys all fire/safety and environmental laws and regulations relating to the plant operation.
  • Keeps the grounds free from rubbish and debris.
  • Moves furniture or equipment within the building as required for various activities and as directed by the Buildings and Grounds Supervisor, Night Supervisor and/or Principal.
  • Complies with all laws and procedures for the storage and disposal of trash, waste, and debris.
  • Cleans all windows on both the inside and outside as scheduled.
  • Keeps all floors in a clean and attractive condition and in a good state of preservation.
  • Performs groundskeeping chores including grass-cutting, tree-trimming, leaf raking and removal of litter, to maintain the grounds in a safe and attractive condition, as assigned.
  • Prepares playing fields, grounds and other necessary facilities for athletic and other school activities, as assigned.
  • Performs related duties as assigned by the Building Principal, Night Supervisor or Buildings and Grounds Supervisor.

  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Categories: Instructional Support > Substitute
Support Staff > Custodian
Equal Opportunity Employer
Contact Information
  • Kate McEntee
  • 213 Kings Highway
  • Woolwich Township, New Jersey 08085

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