May 20, 2020

EC Case Manager/Teacher

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  • Durham, NC, USA
Full-time Administrative

Job Description

Position Overview:

The EC Case Manager/Teacher is a full-time role to Reaching All Minds Academy (RAMA). The ideal candidate would be able to create his/her own curriculum for K-8 th grade students, based on each students' individualized education plans. The EC Case Manager/Teacher will report directly to RAMA's Principle and Director of Student Services. This position will be a full-time position (45 hours per week). The EC Case Manager/Teacher will be required to be at RAMA Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

Reaching All Minds Academy is a charter school in Durham County with the mission to prepare students to become productive citizens with the skills needed to solve complex problems, think critically, exhibit positive social competencies, and to function in a highly technological and global society.

Core Responsibilities:

For Placements & Annual Review:
  • To invite participants to the IEP Team meeting
  • To collect necessary DEC forms for IEP Team meetings
  • To audit to determine if required evaluations/screenings are completed prior to IEP meetings
  • To chair IEP Team meeting
  • To assist IEP Team in writing IEPs
  • To review/audit EC folder for compliance after IEP Team meeting
  • To forward the EC folder to Compliance Review Team
  • To address compliance issues identified by Compliance Review Team
  • To implement assigned students' IEPs
  • To inform partners of students' progress toward meeting annual goals on IEP in prescribed manner
  • To consult with regular classroom teachers on their implementation of IEP goals
  • The teacher is required to follow all Board Policies and procedures and to comply with the instructions and/or directives from his/her supervisor(s)
  • To conduct annual review of assigned IEPs on/before date of expiration (as determined by date of meeting)
  • To conduct a meeting to discuss reevaluations of assigned students on/before the 3 rd year anniversary of placement and order assessments found to be needed
  • To verify information for headcount services

Responsibilities include the following:
  • Planning the Program: The teacher cooperates, as requested, in the development of annual objectives for the school and plans an instructional program which incorporates these objectives
  • Overseeing the Program: The teacher incorporates learner objectives compatible with the subject, grade level, established curriculum, and student needs. The teacher assesses his instructional program to determine its effectiveness.
  • Updating the Program: The teacher maintains an effective program by establishing and maintaining an adequate knowledge of subject areas and child growth and development
  • Managing Daily Instruction: The teacher ensures that the instruction, materials and procedures are appropriate for the subject being taught and for the needs of the students. The teacher sees that application and practice are used by students to acquire or reinforce a concept or skill. The teacher encourages students, parents and others to become actively involved in daily instructional activities.
  • Differentiating Instruction: The teacher assesses individual student abilities to devise techniques that will accommodate student difference in rates of learning, styles of learning, and ability levels. These techniques may involve long term or short term grouping or the differentiating or materials and equipment.
  • Individual Instruction: The teacher monitors individual student achievement on a continuous basis, employs a variety of teaching methods to meet student needs, and provides remediation, as required.
  • Supervising: The teacher uses professional classroom management techniques to maintain a suitable instructional environment.
  • Human Resources: The teacher makes use of community resources, student talent, volunteers and other school personnel to enhance the instructional program.
  • Human Relations: The teacher shows respect for the dignity and worth of all students, values cultural differences, and maintains communication with parents.
  • Non-Instructional Duties: The teacher accepts responsibility for non-instructional duties as may be assigned by the principal, superintendent, school board, or other administrative personnel.
  • Promoting School Safety: Each teacher should conduct himself in such a manner as to promote a safe, secure, and orderly environment. Each teacher's conduct should foster a climate of respect at the school, and demonstrating that appropriate personal conduct should be a priority for all students and employees.
  • Reporting Acts of Violence: The teacher must report acts of violence to the principal.
  • Reporting of Students Suspended or Expelled: The teacher must report to the principal students who are suspended or expelled from school as required to be reported in accordance with State Board policies.

  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Categories : Administrator > Director/Coordinator/Manager
Special Education > General Special Education
Equal Opportunity Employer
Contact Information
  • Thomas Mckoy
  • 2703 Holloway St.
  • Durham, North Carolina 27703

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