Oct 18, 2019

Advancing Wellness and Resiliency in Education (AWARE) Community Project Manager (CPM)

  • Region 4 Education Service Center
  • Houston, TX, USA
Full-time Community Engagement and Outreach Other Education

Job Description

Job Goal:

Ensure the integration of appropriate school mental health services (SMH) through the SchoolWide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (SWPBIS) Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF) for Mental Health (MH). The CPM will also be responsible for addressing the specific needs of the local education agency (LEA) served by the AWARE grant, primarily Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District, by developing a Comprehensive Services Plan (CSP).



Master’s degree in special education, education, psychology, counseling, related mental health area and/or social work


1. Texas teaching certificate with required endorsement or professional license/certificate in related field (e.g., Licensed Specialist in School Psychology, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Master Social Worker)


1. Five years of experience working in education and/or collaborating with local mental health authorities and other community-based service and health agencies
2. Experience and understanding of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) implementation best practices, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) and mental health systems/services within school settings
3. Demonstrated program and project management experience, including evaluating program deliverables and ensuring the success of identified outcomes
4. Experience developing and presenting professional development

Special Knowledge and Skills

1. Knowledge of mental health services in public school settings with emphasis in areas of evidence-based strategies reflecting trauma-informed, mindfulness, self-regulation, prosocial skills, and resiliency building strategies to increase school engagement
2. Strong consultation skills for communicating with administrators, teachers, parents, students and mental health professionals
3. Knowledge of the critical elements and implementation of the PBIS framework and school-wide and targeted supports to strengthen mental health wellness
4. Excellent organizational, communication and interpersonal skills
5. Ability to present information in one-on-one, small group and large group situations to students, parents, district staff and community/mental health professionals
6. Extensive knowledge of behavioral principles
7. Established connections with local mental health authorities and community-based mental health services

Preferred Qualifications

1. Doctorate preferred
2. Experience in the public school setting at campus and/or district levels

Major Responsibilities:

1. Implement services in Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District to improve or expand mental health-related interventions and services across school-aged youth and family-serving systems
2. Increase and improve access to culturally competent and developmentally appropriate school- and community-based mental health services, particularly for children and youth with SED or SMI
3. Develop school-based mental health programs staffed by behavioral health specialists to screen for, provide early intervention for and to address any ongoing mental health needs of children with symptoms consistent with a mental disorder(s) or SED
4. Develop and implement an Infrastructure Development Plan (IDP) to build partnerships with MH providers, businesses, community groups and families that will broaden and link all services available to students and families, coordinate funding streams, make policy and program changes to improve service delivery and develop a plan for sustaining MH services when the grant period ends
5. Develop an infrastructure that will sustain services in ESCs (Education Service Center) and LEAs served by the grant
6. Build regional and statewide capacity for promoting mental health awareness and evidencebased practices for school-based and school-connected mental health services
7. Collaborate with the ESC, Local Mental Health Authority (LMHA), TEA Project Coordinator and the SMHA Co-Coordinator on building the IDP, linking AWARE Texas with existing resources and on implementing any policy and program changes that are needed in systems and project strategies as communicated by the TEA Project Coordinator
8. Collaborate with TEA to develop and pilot tools that support SMH
9. Coordinate and ensure rapid on-site access to clinical services including screening, assessment and appropriate interventions or treatment for all students in a crisis or those exhibiting symptoms of Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED) or Serious Mental Illness (SMI) through the utilization/consultation/coordination with licensed Mental Health/Behavioral Health Specialists (MHBHS) to respond on site in targeted schools
10. Conduct outreach and engagement with school-aged youth and their families to increase awareness and identification of mental health issues and to promote positive mental health.
11. Connect families, schools and communities to increase engagement and involvement in planning and implementing school and community programs for school-aged youth
12. Equip schools with the ability to immediately respond to the needs of youth who may be exhibiting behavioral/psychological signs of a severity indicating the need for clinical intervention
13. Develop an infrastructure that will sustain and expand mental health and behavioral health services and supports for school-aged youth when federal funding ends
14. Develop and implement a comprehensive plan of evidence-based culturally competent and developmentally appropriate school- and community-based mental health services
15. Develop and implement a workforce development training plan to increase the mental health awareness and literacy of school staff, administrators, parents and others who interact with school-aged youth
16. Engage in local and state program and process development to support improvements in school-aged youth and family-serving systems through the coordination and integration of funding streams to support programs with similar goals
17. Develop and implement meaningful ways to engage students and their families by involving them in the design and implementation of education and community initiatives
18. Establish relationships with local businesses, families and community groups to broaden and link all community resources available to school-aged youth and their families
19. Compile, maintain and file all reports, records and other required documents
20. Engage in professional development to maintain knowledge and skills in area(s) of responsibility
21. Collect and analyze data to evaluate the program effectiveness
22. Provide technical assistance and services as specified by any applicable grant that funds this position

Supervision/Personnel Management

Provide program support and staff activity management to LEA staff funded by AWARE project grant to ensure program deliverables are met.

Physical Demands/Environmental Factors/ Mental Demands:

Frequent and routine travel to AWARE project site Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District. Additional travel to locations throughout the Region 4 area; some statewide travel expected. Must have reliable transportation; expect frequent use of standard office equipment, prolonged sitting, occasional bending/stooping, pushing/pulling, and twisting, repetitive hand motions (keyboarding and use of mouse), occasional light lifting and carrying (less than 20 pounds), may work prolonged and irregular hours and with frequent interruptions, maintains emotional control under pressure.

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