Jun 11, 2020

School Teachers - All Subjects K-12 2020-2021

  • Charter School of Educational Excellence
  • 260 Warburton Avenue, Yonkers, NY, USA
Full-time Education

Job Description

2020-2021 Certified School Teachers K-12

Elementary Teachers K-4 
Middle School Teachers 5-8 
High School Teachers 9-12

Art Teachers Math Teachers 
Chemistry Teachers Science Teachers 
ELA Teachers Music Teachers 
Global Teachers

The mission of the Charter School of Educational Excellence (“CSEE”) is to produce students who meet or exceed all New York State learning standards. CSEE will do this by creating a challenging learning environment with high expectations for every child with an emphasis on the basic subject areas of English-language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. The school will employ standards based and research proven curriculum, implement best educational practices, use a variety of assessments to measure on-going student progress in skills and content learning, and support teachers with professional development activities that are aligned to the instructional program.

Responsibilities & duties (including, but not limited to) 

Instructional Planning - 
 Assume personal responsibility for the academic progress of all students
 Implement a coherent, research-based curriculum in consultation with Administration
 Teach students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) in an inclusion setting and implement
IEPs as necessary
 Document all syllabi, lesson plans, assignments, rubrics and other instructional materials and methods
 Use consistent school-wide practices and a variety of individualized methods to engage students in the classroom

Instructional Delivery – 

 Document all lesson plans, assignments, rubrics and other instructional materials and methods
 Use consistent school-wide practices and a variety of individualized methods to engage students in the classroom
 Use technology tools for instruction, planning, and communication and ensure student engagement
 All duties encompassed under classroom teacher

Student Assessment – 
 Measure student achievement and progress towards learning objectives using the school’s formative and summative assessment tools
 Evaluate academic achievement through detailed data analysis of student performance on a wide variety of metrics
 Provide ongoing and timely feedback to students on their progress towards meeting expectations and achieving goals

 Use student data to reflect on effectiveness of lessons and student achievement progress in order to improve instruction and personal practice
 Develop and use a variety of assessment data to refine curricula and instructional practice
 Ensure that grade teachers submit all test data to the Principal in a timely manner
 Complete all reports in a timely manner

Learning Environment –
 Create, and manage a responsive learning environment that enables students to feel safe, to be creative, and to develop to their full potential
 Establish, model, practice and reinforce age-appropriate rules and discipline using school approved procedures; create and consistently use individual behavioral management plans as needed
 Implement classroom procedures, systems and routines that provide structure for students
 Ensure smooth operation of all classroom instructional functions without exceptions

Extracurricular Activities –
 Organize and supervise approved field trips to enhance classroom learning.
 Provide opportunities and supervise activities in order for students to demonstrate individually

Student Support & School Culture – 

** Communicate effectively and maintain strong relationships with students, families, colleagues and administrators
 Establish, involve, and assist students in the development, maintenance, and evaluation of portfolios
 Develop and use rubrics for evaluating student products and performances
 Oversee and assist with student arrival / dismissal
 Work closely with all members of school community, model citizenship, collaboration and support of one another
 Other tasks as assigned by the Administration

Academic & certification qualifications – 
 Master’s Degree preferred
 Bachelor’s Degree required
 New York Teacher Certification a MUST

Work experience & skills  
 Minimum of two years K – 12 Certified teaching experience
 Able to improve curriculum and instruction through collaboration as part of a grade level team
 Passionately dedicated to school’s mission with a steadfast belief that all students will receive a rigorous elementary foundation
 Strong analytical and problem-solving skills required to develop rubrics, examine data and metrics that will enhance student knowledge and promote performance of superior work products
 Proven ability to work collaboratively and flexibly with a diverse team of teachers and administrators

 Knowledge of childhood development and demonstrated experience with executing planned lessons to meet the differential needs of each child
 Strong written, grammatical, presentation, and verbal communication skills
 Experience working with at-risk student population in some capacity preferred
 Educational experience after college (fellowships, summer study, or graduate course work to pursue greater depth in a subject area, specific instructional methodology, curriculum development, special education, technology, etc.) preferred
 Working knowledge and comfort level with instructional technology

Interested candidates should forward their cover letter, resume and certification copies for review.

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