Jul 06, 2019

Assistant Principal

  • Alpha Public Schools
  • San Jose, CA, USA
Full-time Education

Job Description

POSITION: Assistant Principal of Instruction

REPORTS TO: Principal


  • Alpha Public Schools students and families
  • Alpha school leaders, office manager, teachers, education specialists and network staff
  • Head of Academics



We believe that all children have a fundamental right to an excellent education.

Alpha Public Schools will ensure that all of our scholars develop the academic skills and leadership habits required to succeed in college and live with integrity.


Alpha Public Schools is seeking a dynamic and determined instructional leader to drive excellence for our scholars and families. A strong assistant principal candidate will enjoy the challenge of working with a wide range of students, and will work to create an environment where these students will thrive academically and socially.

The ideal candidate is an exceptional instructional leader, with successful experience working in low income communities and an unwavering belief that all students can and will go to college. This individual is unapologetic about holding students and adults to high expectations and is unafraid to enforce these expectations, as well as train and expect their team to do so.


  • LEADER: Alpha school leaders have 3+ years of teaching experiences, particularly in low-income schools. They should be able to identify increasing levels of responsibility and showcase exceptional student outcomes. Demonstrate exceptional classroom management and discipline skills
  • DRIVEN: Alpha school leaders have a sustained commitment to the school and workplace that demonstrates persistence and drive to complete a job.
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL: Alpha school leaders demonstrate risk taking, innovation, self-confidence, and the ability to push oneself beyond one’s comfort zone.
  • RELATIONSHIP BUILDER: Alpha school leaders demonstrate how they have leveraged relationships to improve outcomes for students and will develop strong relationships with Alpha students, families, and staff.
  • FLEXIBLE: Alpha school leaders adapt to meet the needs of students and a startup work environment.
  • At least 2 years teaching experience preferred with demonstrated track record of high student achievement
  • A high level of organization and resourcefulness
  • Ability to plan and think strategically, coupled with excellent execution skills and flexibility to work within a complex or ambiguous context
  • Ability to exercise diplomacy, honesty, integrity, humor and tact
  • Excellent project and process management skills, writing skills and attention to detail
  • Relationship builder with the flexibility and finesse to "manage by influence"
  • Conversational Spanish or Vietnamese a plus.
  • BA from accredited university
  • Valid Teaching Credential


 Instructional Leadership

  1. Support the principal in achieving an ambitious school-wide vision and goals aligned to the Alpha network vision, goals, and priorities, that lead students to master rigorous academic content that prepares them for college.
  2. Build personal, leadership team, and teacher knowledge of good instructional design and academic standards:
    1. Increase team knowledge about how standards map to curriculum and assessments.
    2. Facilitate team understanding of what students know, and what they must be able to do, and what instructional practices can bridge this gap.
    3. Lead professional development to develop teacher content knowledge and instructional skills
  3. Ensure that high-rigor, high-engagement instruction is happening in classrooms across the school. This means ensuring that all teachers and leaders can:
    1. Analyze student data to identify gaps in understanding and what instructional response will move students toward mastery.
    2. Analyze, practice, and adjust instruction as part of a content team.
    3. Support teachers with data analysis and observation based coaching

 Teacher and Staff Management

  • Promote Alpha’s staff culture, mindsets and values
  • Manage self and others in a manner that creates a healthy, high-achieving environment where staff feel challenged, and also fully supported and valued
  • Analyze data with other teachers regularly to maximize student performance
  • Plan and lead teacher professional development sessions
  • Formally supervise, observe, and evaluate all school staff
  • Manage Associate Teachers, Teacher Residents, and Full Time Learning Coaches

 Student Achievement and Management

  • Implement and monitor the school’s instructional model
  • Ensure that every student shows dramatic achievement gains and that the school meets the ambitious performance goals set by Alpha Public Schools
  • Use data driven cycles to analyze data, problem solve, and generate next steps

 People Leadership

  1. Coach, develop, and support a diverse, high-achieving school team.
  2. Lead high-quality support for the school team by:
    1. Observing, coaching, and developing teachers to ensure that they are providing high-impact, responsive, and rigorous instruction to our students
    2. Delivering high-quality site PD that closes the biggest gaps between student understanding and student achievement.


  • Belief that all students from the community we serve have the capacity to go to and through college
  • Ability to motivate a school community to take action to dramatically increase student results
  • Demonstrated student achievement results from the teachers that the leader has managed or coached
  • Ability to analyze and plan from student data and coach teachers to create excellent plans
  • Deep understanding of appropriate pedagogical strategies, differentiation techniques for diverse learners, and instructional design to serve a broad body of students
  • 1-2 years of school leadership experience with proven results
  • Conversational Spanish or Vietnamese a plus
  • BA from accredited university
  • Valid Teaching Credential
  • CA Administrative Service Credential a plus

Apply to work at Alpha: 

Please submit your application online at https://grnh.se/1d8efee41

Incomplete applications or those with errors will not be considered. As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability. We are strongly committed to hiring a diverse and multicultural staff and encourage applications from traditionally under-represented backgrounds.

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