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Full-time Administrative

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Click Apply button. If inoperative, email your resume to [email protected] with the Position Title in the email's subject line, and then complete a full application by pasting https://beloved.tedk12.com/hire/Index.aspx into your browser.

Position Overview

BelovED Community Charter School is a high-performing, college preparatory charter school in culturally vibrant Jersey City, located just minutes by subway from New York City, Hoboken and Newark.

Having added one grade level a year since opening with grade levels K-2 in September 2012, BelovED now seeks a proven and visionary leader to serve as the Academic Dean (Principal) of its newly constructed, high school facility and to help it establish its high school program grade level by grade level.

Indeed, BelovED welcomed its first cohort of 120 9th graders in September 2019 and will be kicking off its 10th grade program this coming September, its 11th grade program in September 2021, and its 12th grade program in September 2022, and which time the school will be serving 480 scholars.

BelovED was ranked the top public school in New Jersey in SY15-16 for pace of student learning growth among schools serving a demographically similar mix of students. It has over twelve hundred applicants on its enrollment waiting list.

If you want to implement a cutting-edge education program at a high-performing school serving a student body that is among the most economically and ethnically diverse in America, then apply at www.belovedccs.org/careers today.

Certifications / Qualifications

The Board of Trustees seeks candidates who:
  • Hold Principal certification from the New Jersey Department of Education or will work to obtain it;
  • Have a minimum of five years teaching experience at the high school level and a standard teaching license from the New Jersey Department of Education;
  • Are expert in the analysis of assessment data, in using data to drive instruction, and in conducting effective Professional Learning Community meetings;
  • Possess experience as an education program leader at a high-performing charter public school (e.g., UnCommon Schools, KIPP, Success Academy), traditional public school, or privately managed school;
  • Have proven strengths in the area of teacher professional development and coaching;
  • Have successfully opened a new school and/or developed an innovative and highly effective new program from scratch; and
  • Will commit themselves to the mission and goals of Beloved Community Charter School. (You can read more about these at www.belovedccs.org/about-beloved.)

Expectations and Responsibilities

12-Month Position / Afterschool Meetings

This is a 12-month position and as a regular part of his or her responsibilities, the Academic Dean of the High School should expect often needing to stay afterschool during the school year to provide teacher training/mentoring, to meet with other school leaders and/or teachers for planning purposes, or to meet with parents.

Development of BelovED's High School Education Program

Reporting to BelovED's Executive Officer/Principal, the Academic Dean will be expected to coordinate the year by year development and implementation of our high school education program, and to work on the development of partnerships with entities such as area universities, educational institutions and business organizations.

Board Expectations as to the Program

The Dean will be expected to implement schoolwide systems relating to:
  • A uniform system of Positive Discipline;
  • Professional development;
  • Data-driven instruction;
  • Teacher evaluation; and
  • Other education program systems central to BelovED's school model.
K-12 Instructional Leadership Team

The Dean will be part of a K-12 instructional leadership team consisting of BelovED's Executive Officer/Principal, its Dean of English Language Arts, and the Academic Deans of our Primary Academy, Upper Elementary Academy, Middle School and High School. Among other things, this leadership team will oversee the work of educator teams tasked with selecting/developing/revising the curricula, curricular materials and assessments used at the School.

Department Leader Training in Assessment Data Analysis and Professional Learning Community Leadership

It is important that candidates possess expertise and the ability to coach high school department heads in how to conduct "test-in-hand" data analysis during Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings with department members that:
  • Go beyond what scholars got wrong to why scholars got it wrong;
  • Facilitate department members taking responsibility for successfully addressing their scholars' learning challenges; and
  • Develop department members' ability to effectively use data to drive high quality lesson planning and instruction.
Educator Recruitment, Hiring and Induction / Oversight of Certification

The Dean will be centrally involved in the recruitment, hiring and induction of high school teachers and will be responsible for overseeing their certification.

Educator Professional Development, Coaching and Evaluation

We also expect the Dean to:
  • Meet one-on-one with high school teachers throughout the school year to review and guide the periodic revision of their Personal Professional Development Plans;
  • Oversee teacher professional development training in data-driven lesson planning, in the delivery of engaging and effective instruction, and in the effective use of technology and learning programs;
  • Provide observation and feedback, as well as real-time coaching and instructional modeling for high school teachers;
  • Work with BelovED's Executive Officer/Principal in the evaluation of teachers.
Parent Meetings

When requested by a high school teacher or as otherwise appropriate, the Dean will be expected to meet with the parents/guardians of a scholar.

Dean Professional Development

The candidate hired will be asked to read and master:
  • Leverage Leadership by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo;
  • Driven by Data by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo; and
  • Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemov.
The Academic Dean of the High School will also be expected to attend professional development workshops and training if so directed by the Executive Officer/Principal.


BelovED's school leaders and teachers receive fully competitive salaries and benefits and participate in TPAF, New Jersey's public school faculty pension system.

As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, or disability.


  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Category: Administrator > Principal/Dean/Head of School
Welcome to BelovED Community Charter School!
We are a high-performing charter school located in Jersey City, NJ -- an exciting, culturally vibrant city immediately across the Hudson River from lower Manhattan. At many truly excellent schools, even the most committed teachers can feel burned out after a few years. At our schools, however, we endeavor to mesh the high expectations culture and successful classroom management practices of America's top-performing charter school operators with a proven education program and with teacher supports that are designed to avoid teacher burnout, so educators can remain charged and enthusiastic throughout an entire career. If you are an experienced urban teacher with excellent classroom management skills, if you have a record of helping inner-city children beat the odds and achieve to their highest potential, if you love the sense of purpose and accomplishment one receives from this extremely meaningful work - but you also want an opportunity to spend time with your own children and to have a life outside of school - then we might be for you. Learn more about us...

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