Aug 26, 2022

Temp-At-Will Choreographer - Dance Movement Enrichment

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  • Davenport, IA, USA
Full-time Education

Job Description

ACANCY WILL BE POSTED FROM 08/19/21 THRU 08/25/21 @ 4 P.M.

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Duties & Responsibilities: (Essential Functions of Position, Major Responsibilities, Summary of Key Duties, Special Assignments, Relationships)
Hours: 9:10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Number of hours/Days: 3hrs/day 15 hrs per week; 540 hours for the school year; Grade Level: 7-8 grades
• Provide dance instruction and activities for ballet, jazz, tap and modern.
• Provide enrichment instruction to students about correct body movements as a foundation for all the above dance forms.
• Provide students with the motivation to put forth the effort to learn challenging dance movements and combinations and to perform each to their best of his/her ability.
• Provide for students the activities that will allow them the insights into musicality and counting for dance combinations.
• Provide choreography activities that will allow students to create phases of movements based on the above dance units.
• Provide students the opportunities to choreograph movements to emphasize character development in plays or dance pieces.
• Provide students the opportunities to demonstrate the ability to create dance phases that set the tone of character or music
• Provide students the opportunities to use collaborative skills to choreograph movements in groups.
• Provide students the opportunities to evaluate projects using collaboration and presentation rubrics.
• Evaluate students work based on dance unit objectives
• Provide all students the opportunities for unit culminating public performances
• Successfully candidate must possess strong inter-personal skills with a proven record of building rapport with culturally diverse students to ensure each child reaches his/her full potential.
• Good attendance and punctuality are a must to ensure that the duties and responsibilities of the job are performed successfully.
• Must be willing to support and implement Davenport's multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS)

Physical Requirements of Position: (HBV Yes No)

Regularly required to stand for extended periods of time
• Regularly required to reach with hands and arms
• Regularly required to ascend and descend stairs
• Occasionally lift and/or move up to 25 pounds

Special Qualification Desired: (Personal Qualities, Education, Skills Needed, Experience, Etc.)
Effective communication skills including expertise in written and verbal communication including correct grammar
• Proficient computer skills including the use of Google Drive, Google Docs
• Proven expertise in taking the initiative to accomplish projects
• Excellent attendance is required to perform all duties & responsibilities of this position successfully
• Five years of successful dance teaching experience

  • Position Type:Full-time
Job Categories :Career Education > Dance
Classroom Teacher > Arts: Dance
Classroom Teacher > Music: Chorus
Equal Opportunity Employer

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  • Nicole Stroupe
  • 1702 N. Main St
  • Davenport,Iowa 52803
  • Phone: 563-445-5000
  • Email: click here

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