Aug 26, 2022

Plumbing Assistant

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  • Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Full-time Education

Job Description

HOURS: Full-time, 40 hours per week

SALARY: $15.40 per hour minimum

BENEFITS: Full benefits including paid holidays, sick leave and annual leave, health insurance and retirement. Local supplement of 5.5% starts the month after completion of first year. State longevity after 10 years of service.

  1. High school diploma or the equivalent.
  2. Two years of maintenance experience, preferably in an educational setting.
  3. Successful completion of a plumbing apprenticeship program.
  4. Valid North Carolina Driver's License.
  5. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.


JOB GOAL: To help maintain the physical school plant in a condition of operating excellence so that full educational use of it may be made at all times.

  1. Assumes secondary responsibility for the safe condition of pipes, drains, and plumbing fixtures in the facilities owned or operated by the district.
  2. Installs and repairs plumbing fixtures, such as sinks, commodes, water heaters, hot water tanks, garbage disposal units, dish-washers, and water softeners.
  3. Repairs and maintains plumbing by replacing washers in leaky faucets, mending burst pipes, and opening clogged drains.
  4. Maintenance of outdoor sprinklers, waste disposal systems, radiators, and similar plumbing-related installations.
  5. Studies building plans and working drawings to determine work aids required and sequence installation.
  6. Locates and marks position of pipe and pipe connections and passage holes for pipes in walls and floors, using ruler, spirit level, and plumb bob.
  7. Cuts openings in walls and floors to accommodate pipe and pipe fittings, using hand tools and power tools.
  8. Cuts, threads, assembles, and installs pipe, using pipe cutters, cutting torch, and pipe threading machine.
  9. Assembles and installs valves, pipe fittings, and pipes composed of metals and non-metals.
  10. Fills pipe system with water or air and reads pressure gauges to determine whether system is leaking.
  11. Installs partitions in bathrooms.
  12. Receives work orders and confers with supervisor to plan and review work projects.
  13. Examines district-owned facilities on a regular basis for purposes of preventative maintenance.
  14. Responds to emergency calls as appropriate.
  15. Performs other duties as assigned.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Twelve-month year.

EVALUATION: Performance will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board's policy on Evaluation of Classified Personnel.
  • Position Type:Full-time
Job Category :Career Education > Plumbing & Heating
Contact Information

  • Erika Newkirk
  • 750 S. Merritt Mill Road
  • Chapel Hill,North Carolina 27516
  • Phone: 919-967-8211
  • Email: click here

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