Aug 26, 2022

CTE Teacher (STEM)

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Full-time Education

Job Description

Qualifications: Bachelors Degree or higher coupled with a North Carolina Teaching License in content area for which you desire to teach.

Special Considerations: Each teacher should be well versed in using varied instructional methods to prepare students for life in the 21st century and beyond. An essential requirement is to demonstrate a vigorous disposition for continuous learning clearly aligned with the MGSD Digital Conversion. Teachers should understand that continuing to grow and learn in using digital resources involving methodologies of instruction is a part of our employee DNA in MGSD. We expect every teacher to embrace the instructional responsibility for every child, every day, in every classroom and to demonstrate effective technology-rich lesson planning and implementation through authentic collaboration among colleagues; utilize varied assessment methods to address the diverse learning needs of students to increase their overall performance and academic achievement; able to effectively monitor students and create a classroom environment conducive for all students to experience academic, social, and emotional success.

Reports to: School Administration (Principal and Assistant Principals)

Supervises: All students within the school environment.

Purpose of Position:
• To create and maintain a safe and nurturing classroom environment where every student has a sense of belonging and is challenged to think critically about real-world issues as it relates to the NC Essential Standards within the Common Core Curriculum.
• To ensure that students are provided the equal opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to be promoted to the next grade level and earn a high school diploma.
• To establish healthy and appropriate relationships with students, parents, colleagues and the community in order to facilitate success for all students.
• To stay abreast of current trends in education to best meet the needs of all students and prepare them for a successful future in an ever-evolving technological world.

Responsibilities, Duties, & Expectations:

• Instructional Process
• Keeps a firm grasp and understanding of the required curriculum to be taught and continuously enhances knowledge by studying and acquiring materials, resources, and appropriate activities needed to best meet the diverse learning needs of all students.
• Plans and implements a program of instruction that aligns to the district philosophy, goals, and objectives outlined in the MGSD Strategic Planalong with the curriculum adopted by the state of North Carolina.
• Develops purposeful, comprehensive, and technology-rich lesson plans appropriate to maximize student learning while enabling effective and varied instructional methods.
• Develops and administers formative and summative assessment methods to effectively monitor student progress, provide constructive feedback, and modify instruction, as needed, for student success.
• Plans and collaborates with Instructional Assistants, Co-Teachers, Colleagues, and other Support Personnel in the instructional planning and delivery process to ensure student success.
• Recognizes and identifies gaps and/or deficiencies in student learning and makes appropriate referral(s) for additional instructional assistance and intervention, as needed.
• Uses effective, efficient, and ethically appropriate oral and written expression when instructing students and communicating with all stakeholders.

• Classroom Management
• Develops, in accordance with district and school guidelines, reasonable rules, procedures, and expectations as a "classroom management system"for students to learn and practice appropriate classroom behavior.
• Takes necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, school equipment, materials, and facilities from hurt, harm, and danger.
• Shares in the responsibility of supervising students in all areas of the school facility on a daily basis and arranges for adult supervision of students when unexpected circumstances require a brief absence from classroom assignment.
Public Relations and Professional Code of Conduct
• Establishes and maintains cooperative and positive relationships with colleagues.
• Works in partnership with parents to strengthen the educational program for all children.
• Communicates positively in public to all stakeholders about school and district educational programming.
• Maintains appropriate and ethical work habits, including regular and punctual attendance, appropriate management of planning time during the workday, and abiding by the rules of the organization as public role models for students and the community.
• Keeps all student records and information confidential in accordance with accepted professional ethics along with state and federal laws.
• Upholds and enforces school board policy, administrative procedures, and school rules/regulations at all times in all situations.
Professional Growth
• Continues professional growth and enhanced knowledge through attendance to workshops, seminars, conferences, and/or advanced coursework at institutions of higher learning.
• Maintains membership in appropriate and relevant professional organizations.
• Cooperates with school administration in planning appropriate in-service training programs at the school or district level.
• Participates in all faculty, staff, department, grade level, and committee meetings, as required.

Evaluation and Measurement of Performance: All teachers are evaluated using the North Carolina Educator Effectiveness System, formal and informal classroom walkthroughs, along with formal and informal observations by School Administration and Central Services Administration.

Terms of Employment: 10, 11, or 12 month contract with salary commensurate with the NC State Teacher Salary Schedule as outlined by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Full benefits package offered with full-time employment.

  • Position Type:Full-time
  • Positions Available:1
Job Categories :Career Education > Computer Science
Classroom Teacher > Business Education
Classroom Teacher > Computer Science
Job Requirements

  • No experience required

Contact Information

  • Tonya Neill
  • 305 N Main St
  • Mooresville,North Carolina 28115-2453
  • Phone: 704-658-2530
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