Aug 26, 2022

Agriculture Teacher

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North Carolina Agricultural Education Teacher Position

12-month position

Description Position Description: To provide leadership and coordination for all students enrolled in agricultural education courses in middle and high school programs. To focus on excellence in classroom/laboratory instruction, supervised agricultural education experience, and FFA student organization activities. Position Purpose: To provide students with the opportunity to explore hundreds of career options available in agriculture and to assist them in planning for a future career; to train students with the technical skills needed to be successful in an agricultural career; to connect students with the real world of work through rigorous and relevant hands-on learning experiences and supervised agricultural experience programs; to offer students leadership and personal development training needed to succeed in a career including, but not limited to teamwork, problem-solving, analysis and communications; to enable students to compete in the global economy by increasing international understanding; to empower students through community development projects that involve students, parents, business leaders, civic organizations, school leaders and other stakeholders. Position Responsibilities: 1. Provide an instructional program that meets the needs of students and the agricultural industry. 2. Coordinate and supervise the development and growth of every student through an active supervised agricultural experience (SAE) program. 3. Coordinate a strong FFA chapter that is integral to the instructional program in which all agricultural education students are active members. 4. Maintain an active advisory committee and community support/alumni group. 5. Develop strong, positive relationships with key agricultural education partners including, but not limited to the guidance counselor(s), principal, superintendent, career technical education director, county extension service leaders, agribusiness leaders, parents, and other teachers. 6. Develop a year-round calendar of activities that are approved by local school administrators. The calendar should include SAE visits and FFA activities that relate to the instructional program, professional development opportunities, agribusiness visits, etc. 7. Join and be actively involved in various professional and civic organizations to ensure personal and professional growth. 8. Develop and maintain a library of educational resources, textbooks, curriculum guides, and other related resources to enhance performance as a teacher. 9. Provide career guidance for students interested in career opportunities in agriculture. 10. Develop strong marketing, recruitment, retention, and public relations effort for encouraging all students to consider enrolling in agricultural education and joining FFA. 11. Share student and program achievements with the local media, parents, school administrators, and other stakeholders. 12. Maintain an accurate inventory of equipment and supplies for the agricultural education department. 13. Ensure that all federal and state safety standards are met in the agricultural education facility. Summer Program Responsibilities: 1. One week was devoted for students to preparing for and attending the annual State FFA Convention in Raleigh. 2. One week devoted for students to attending Teamwork and Personal Development Camp at the North Carolina FFA Center at White Lake. 3. One week devoted students to attend the State FFA Leadership Conference at the North Carolina FFA Center at White Lake. 4. Two to three weeks devoted to on-site visits to provide leadership and career guidance to students' supervised agricultural experience programs. 5. One week was devoted to the teacher to attend the annual Career Technical Education and Agricultural Education Summer Conference. 6. One week was devoted to the maintenance of agricultural education laboratory facilities such as shops, greenhouses, land labs, and school farms. 7. One week devoted to in-service training and professional growth workshops provided by the North Carolina Agricultural Education State Staff and other related agencies and organizations. 8. One week devoted to student development activities such as officer retreats, enhanced learning activities, agricultural tours, and laboratory projects. 9. One week devoted for students to develop local relationships and partnerships by attending community events and activities, visiting local agribusinesses as well as working with the local advisory committee and community support/alumni group. Qualifications: Must be fully or provisionally certified to teach agriculture. Salary/Benefits: Based upon education and teaching experience by state guidelines. Agricultural Education Mission: Agricultural Education prepares students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the global agriculture, food, fiber, and natural resources systems. FFA Mission: FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career

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