Aug 26, 2022

HCPS Teacher/Agriculture

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Full-time Education

Job Description




To plan, develop and implement an instructional program that will effectively provide the best possible education for each student that will help students learn subject matter and skills that will contribute to their educational and social development.


  1. Valid state teaching certificate required with specific endorsement in the assigned area
  2. Must hold a minimum of a Bachelor's degree from a four-year college or university
  3. Must be able to perform each essential duty assigned satisfactorily
  4. Applicant with teaching experience must have an acceptable evaluation rating for such teaching

REPORTS TO: Principal

SUPERVISES: Students designated by the principal and may coordinate and direct the activities of teacher assistants


  1. Professional Performance
  2. Ability to set professional goals and work to meet those goals
  3. Ability to plan and implement lessons based on school and school board policies and state regulations (NCSCOS)
  4. To work cooperatively with the total staff
  5. To demonstrate professional growth
  6. To related positively to parents/guardians and other community representatives
  7. To develop lesson plans and instructional materials which can be adapted to meet the needs of each student
  8. To be prompt and accurate with required records and reports
  9. To demonstrate command of standard English, both spoken and written
  10. To accept responsibilities outside the classroom as they relate to school

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  1. Instructional Performance
  2. Interpersonal Relations
    1. To practice and promote positive interaction with and among students
    2. To demonstrate enthusiasm for learning
    3. To demonstrate interest in students
    4. To encourage self-direction and self-motivation in students

  1. Subject Matter
    1. To demonstrate knowledge of the subject being taught
    2. To demonstrate the ability to adjust presentation of subject content to students' needs and interest

  1. Planning/Materials
    1. To maintain an organized program of instruction based on effective long-range plans
    2. To exhibit evidence of effective lesson plans
    3. To use a variety of appropriate materials and resources

  1. Technique/Delivery
    1. To communicate lesson objective and its importance to student
    2. To use current educational teaching techniques which involve educational research and learning activities
    3. To use out-of-class assignments, when appropriate, to support instructional objectives
    4. To maintain an effective system of monitoring student progress
    5. Willingness and ability to learn the new technology

  1. Classroom Management
  2. To maintain discipline appropriate to learning situations
  3. To keep students on task
  4. To use positive reinforcement and constructive criticism to maintain good student discipline

Performs other related work as required.

  • Position Type:Full-time
  • Positions Available:1
Job Category :Career Education > Agriculture
Job Requirements

  • No experience required

Contact Information

  • Ka'Wania Parker , Administrative Assistant
  • 701 N Martin St
  • Winton,North Carolina 27986-9698
  • Phone: 2523581761
  • Email: click here

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