Aug 26, 2022

Elementary Music Teacher

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Elementary Music Teacher 2021 - 2022 Academic Year
FTE 1.0

REPORTS TO: Building Principal(s)

The Music Teacher promotes and develops successful learning for students in all PreK-6 music classes. The teacher also performs instructional and related duties as they pertain to the state and district standards in music education. The Music Teacher must perform duties in accordance with District policies and terms of the teacher contract. The teacher also maintains a cooperative attitude with staff, parents, and students.

1. A minimum of a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, with preference given to Music
2. Eligible for an Emergency license from the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission in the State of Oregon
3. Demonstrates a very good command of oral and written English language
4. Possesses the skills and knowledge to teach the required music curriculum
5. Physical requirements, which may include:
1. Stand/walk 3 - 6 hours
2. Sit 2 - 4 hours
3. Conduct 2 - 4 hours
6. The teacher may occasionally:
1. Bend/kneel/squat/reach
2. Climb stairs or ladders
3. Use hands for repetitive motions
4. Lift and hold items to forty pounds

1. The competent teacher will: Have a thorough understanding of the requirements related to state and district standards in music education
2. Be capable of developing course goals related to state and district standards in music education
3. Use techniques and introduce appropriate methods of teaching that enable all students to meet the state and district benchmarks for music education
4. Provide a variety of classroom techniques and methods
5. Promote high levels of achievement in relation to individual student ability
6. Use techniques and methodologies appropriate to student ability
7. Use adopted district curriculum and appropriate supplementary materials
8. Demonstrate knowledge of and ability to use research-based principles of effective instruction
9. Organize instruction using learning objectives with clearly defined student outcomes
10. Employ teaching strategies congruent with planned student outcomes
11. Monitor student learning and pace instruction accordingly
12. Develop and maintain an environment conducive to effective student learning
13. Develop written rules of classroom behavior and communicate those rules to all students
14. Enforce written rules for classroom behavior
15. Communicate course goals and academic expectations to students and parents
16. Provide for the health and safety of students in all instructional settings
17. Prepare effectively for class
18. Prepare daily lesson plans
19. Provide instruction predicated on course goals and objectives
20. Develop and communicate appropriate grading standards to students
21. Establish written grading standards that are clear and incorporate a variety of graded activities
22. Assure that grading standards are explained and available to parents
23. Develop and maintain positive interpersonal relationships
24. Model personal behaviors of honesty, fairness, courtesy, and consideration
25. Maintain a cooperative relationship with administration, staff, students, and parents
26. Share appropriate information with parents and with other staff members
27. Provide documentation of students' progress
28. Provide timely and accurate feedback/documentation to students, parents and appropriate staff members
29. Maintain appropriate records of student performance
30. Build motivation and interest in learning
31. Exhibit personal interest and encourage student interest in the subject area related to music education
32. Maintain a current awareness of activities in music education
33. Maintain an ongoing personal program of professional growth and development
34. Develop and implement annually an approved plan for professional growth and development
35. Identify and request to attend professional workshop activities
36. Participate in District sponsored in-service offerings appropriate to assignment
37. Maintain an attitude of helping in the total school atmosphere
38. Be willing to be involved in student activities of the total school outside of your regular classroom, i.e., assemblies, "performances", concerts, field trips, and programs

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  • Mary Akin , Adminstrative Assistant
  • 28168 Old Rainier Road
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  • Phone: (503) 556-3777
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