Aug 26, 2022

2019-20 Music (Columbus Spanish Immersion)

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  • Columbus, OH, USA
Full-time Education

Job Description

Vocal/Instrumental Music Position K-7,Instruction in vocal music, choir, beginning, MS band and strings anda minimum of 2 performances for parents and the community

Candidates have the ability to instruct, inspire, enthuse, excite, guide, and motivates students through the study, practice and appreciation of music in an academic environment. Delivers regularly scheduled, sequential, standards-based music instruction in the development of music concepts.
  • Position Type:Full-time
Job Categories :Career Education > Music
Classroom Teacher > Language: Spanish
Classroom Teacher > Music Education
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  • Rick Bailey
  • 270 E STATE ST
  • Columbus,Ohio 43215-4312
  • Email: click here

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