Jul 27, 2020

School Nurse

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Full-time School Support

Job Description

Temple Israel of Hollywood's Bay-Nimoy Early Childhood Center and Briskin Elementary School are seeking a School Nurse to care for our students, manage on site COVID 19 testing, monitor student health, isolate symptomatic students and be our lead educator with respect to correct hygiene and safe social practices . We are looking for a caring, compassionate, and experienced professional who loves taking care of children and prioritizes communication and engagement. The position requires limited administrative work as well as one-on-one time with students. We are looking for an individual who truly cares about making our schools better and safer for our students. This includes educating students about healthy habits as well as responding to any medical complaints at school and performing other routine screenings. We operate five days per week during the school year and currently serve 600 students in addition to faculty and staff.
Strengthen the educational process through a comprehensive health program which focuses on improvement and protection of the health of pupils and school personnel in accordance with state law and internal policy and procedures.

• Bachelor's degree
• LVN or RN

• Identified student health problems through case findings, and screening procedures.
• Counsels students, parents and school personnel about illness, physical limitations, and potential health problems.
• Refers students needing medical or dental care. Assists families to solve financial, transportation and other barriers to health care.
• Completes health assessment of Special Education candidates and is a member of the IEP team.
• Conducts a communicable disease program directed toward the control of communicable disease in the school, including immunization assessment and compliance.
• Maintains health records of students and documents care provided.
• Informs teachers of health problems of students and suggests ways of preventing complications and enhancing a student's achievement potential.
• Provides emergency care for seriously ill and injured students.
• Counsels parents, pupils, and school staff regarding health-related attendance problems.
• Supervises the administration of medications according to district policy.
• Confers and communicates with physicians and other health professionals.
• Assists site staff in the referral process for suspected child abuse.
• Serves as a liaison to community agencies.
• Reports health problems of students and school environment to administrators. Assists in the identification of safety and health hazards.
• Supervises work of clerical personnel in health office.
• May participate in teaching school personnel First Aid and CPR to meet immediate needs of students and staff.
• Serves as a resource and consultant in health education. Teaches health education topics in classroom.
• Maintains professional competence through participation in in-service education activities.

• Hearing assessments.
• Vision assessments.
• General health assessments of children.
• Counseling students with physical problems.
• Counseling parents regarding health problems affecting the student's achievement.
• Assisting parents with appropriate referrals for further diagnosis and treatment of their child's health problems.
• Guiding families with financial barriers to treatment.
• Consulting with teachers regarding student's health problems and their adjustment in the classroom.
• Continuous monitoring of community resources to meet student's needs.
• Managing communicable disease outbreaks in conjunction with the County Health Department.
• Assisting school personnel in the recognition of signs and symptoms of communicable disease.
• Consulting with teachers on up to date and scientific health information.
• Assisting teachers with resources for health education.
• Giving lessons in health education in the classroom.
• Staff in-services on a variety of health topics.
• Providing American Red Cross First Aid and CPR trainings for students and staff.
• Certifying student illness in special attendance problems, and counseling student and parents.
• Screening of students referred to Student Study Team to identify or rule out problems that may interfere with achievement in the classroom.
• Health assessment, including neuromaturational development, of students referred for evaluation by Student Success Team.
• Specialized physical health care services to qualifying students (e.g., catheterization, tracheostomy care, gavage feeding).
• Assisting school staff in preparing for earthquakes and other disasters.
• IEP health assessment, screening, and written report.

Services may be obtained by referral from teacher, psychologist, speech therapist or any other staff person, student self-referral, physician or other private practitioner referral, community agency referral, or parent request.

Resumes should be submitted to [email protected]

  • Position Type: Full-time
  • Positions Available: 1
Job Category: Student Services > School Nurse
Job Requirements
  • At least 3 years of relevant experience preferred
  • Bachelor degree preferred
  • Citizenship, residency or work VISA in United States required
Contact Information
  • Ellie Buckland
  • 6001 West Centinela Avenue
  • Los Angeles, California 90045

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