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Custodian Substitute

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Full-time Education

Job Description

The custodian substitute will work as needed in district schools and administration building. Work is on-call, as needed, often with same-day notification. Typical shifts are 5:30 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. and 11:45 A.M. to 8:30 P.M. Please read the job description for more information regarding the duties and demands of a custodian.

Substitutes are not fingerprinted, however, as Washington State Patrol search is performed for all classified subs and volunteers.



200- or 260-day CUSTODIAN


The responsibilities of this position are to maintain the cleanliness, sanitation, and safety of an assigned school

district facility; prepare the facility for school, sporting, and public events as needed; ensure the assigned facility is

secure and in compliance with health and fire codes; respond to emergency situations. See District Manual for

specific duties by assignment.


1. Clean assigned district facility to provide a sanitary and safe environment for student learning and support

functions; vacuum, dust, mop, clean windows and walls, sweep, clean bathrooms and showers, pick up and

empty trash/recycling, may change lights and ballast, fill soap and paper products containers, remove graffiti

and provide a wide variety of cleaning and custodial services and help develop and adhere to a regular cleaning

schedule; deep cleaning of high-traffic and high-occupancy areas as necessary.

2. Secure and/or lock building doors for security according to established procedures; inspect premises.

3. Set up and take down a wide variety of equipment and furniture for events, assemblies, food service, public use

of school facilities and other functions; move a variety of equipment and furniture as needed to meet the needs

of students, staff and the public; assist teachers, students and administrators in locating needed equipment and

providing regular and emergency cleaning.

4. Maintain building safety and security by checking locks and alarms; note and report needed repairs or other

safety or security risks.

5. May assist in the performance of major summer cleaning of facility, including interior painting, floor finishes,

furniture, equipment, and prepare buildings for the start of the student school year.

6. Perform major cleaning during spring and winter breaks as noted above.

7. Stock and notify operations supervisor or operations secretary of supplies/materials to be ordered.

8. Provide supervision to student helpers as assigned: trains, monitors, motivates, coaches and corrects students in

custodial tasks.

9. Assist with grounds as assigned, by sweeping/blowing walkways, removing litter, clearing ice or snow, and

related duties as required to maintain an attractive school facility.

10. Perform minor non-technical maintenance duties such as painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and other

minor needs.

11. Comply with all health and fire codes/laws, codes, and procedures for maintaining fire extinguishers, storage of

supplies and disposal of garbage.

12. Observe all district safety policies and procedures and equipment and operation guidelines for district

employee, student, and public safety; wear protective gear as necessary (ear/eye protection, aprons, gloves, etc.)

Complete and maintain paperwork, logs, and records as necessary.

13. Maintain effective communication with administration, students, parents, staff, sales representatives, and the

public for safety, security and public relations.

14. Read and understand operations manuals; attend appropriate training as required.

15. Serve as member of the team of the District; perform related duties consistent with the scope and intent of the


16. Keep custodial and receiving rooms in designated work areas clean and in order. Other custodial duties as

assigned by custodian and/or principal.


Supervision: Day-to-day supervision and evaluations of work quality are handled by the operations supervisor and

the building principal. The operations supervisor performs the annual evaluations with the assistance of the



Works with custodian/building staff (daily), may work with groundskeeper.


Requires ability to learn the operation of a variety of cleaning equipment and tools; requires performing

intermediate-level reading, writing, arithmetic, and logic processing skills; requires ability to follow verbal and

written instructions; requires good vision to read labels and to operate and maintain equipment and facilities;

knowledge and understanding of product and equipment application/operation and safety, health and safety codes,

standards, and procedures; knowledge and understanding of cleaning methodology and practices; requires good

depth perception, balance, hearing, and hand/eye coordination; work at times is fast paced, routine, and repetitive,

requiring concentration and attention to task and ability to make independent decisions; requires day-to-day

communication, rapport-building; negotiation and conflict resolution, and customer service skills to work with a

wide range of student, staff and public behaviors; frequently will experience interruptions; required to shift focus to

respond to student, staff and public needs; requires cooperation and ability to work as a team member.


Must be capable of standing and walking for prolonged periods without restrictions; requires good depth perception,

vision and hearing; must be able to reach, grasp, handle and grip without difficulty on a continuous basis; must be

able to stoop and bend or squat on a frequent basis ranging from slight forward bending to floor level; must be able

to lift and carry objects ranging from reaching and lifting from floor level to above the shoulder on a constant to

frequent basis weighing 0-50 pounds; must be able to push and pull occasionally depending on work assignment;

assistance for heavy lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling available; frequently required to move heavy objects such

as furniture or equipment, assistance may be requested; hand ladder work, occasionally required to work in confined

spaces; required to operate power equipment such as buffers and scrubbers; requires us of trade tools at a semiskilled

level; exposure to paints, adhesives, cleaning and stripping chemicals, depending on assignment exposure to

lawn care products; required to wear protective gear such as gloves, masks, ear/eye protection as necessary;

exposure to moving equipment and machinery (including flying debris), vibration and jarring; and noise from power

equipment and in areas where children are present; exposure to changes in temperature and climatic conditions,

wet/humid conditions, dust, cold/hot, toxic chemicals (such as solvents and cleaning fluids); requires work outdoors

in any kind of weather; may be exposed to diseases carried by students may be required to restrain out-of-control



Satisfactory background clearance results (fingerprinting required); proof of ability to work in the United States;

valid Washington State driver's license.


The list of essential functions is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary.

  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Categories: Instructional Support > Substitute
Support Staff > Custodian
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