Feb 07, 2019

High School Principal

  • Coney Island Prep
  • Brooklyn, NY, USA
Full-time Curriculum Executive Leadership Education

Job Description

An Invitation To Apply for the Position of

High School Principal

At Coney Island Preparatory Public Charter School

Brooklyn, New York

About Coney Island Prep

Coney Island Prep is a college preparatory public charter school in Brooklyn, New York. Merging growth, performance and commitment, the Coney Island Prep community takes its responsibility to prepare students for the college and career of their choice very seriously. Professionals balance their sense of ownership and responsibility with humility and levity and are supported every step of the way.

Coney Island Prep currently serves over 1,000 scholars across its three schools, including 300 scholars in kindergarten – fourth grade at the elementary school; 360 scholars in fifth – eighth grades at the middle school; and 350 scholars in ninth-twelfth grade at the high school. The mission of Coney Island Prep is to prepare every student to succeed in the college and career of their choice. We achieve success through a rigorous academic program in a supportive and structured school community.


There is no more urgent task than to educate students from low-income backgrounds. So we hire professionals who are committed to the core. It’s high-energy, fast-paced, tiring and sometimes all-consuming. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. And neither would you. You own your work and when you reach your goals, you reach higher. Our leaders work incredibly hard, and are inspired by the urgency of what we do. We need leaders who aren’t afraid to ask for help, feedback, and support. They’re driven by personal responsibility, data, and results, and they’re not above doing whatever’s asked. They make friends at work, smile through hectic days, and add a little levity along the way.

What We Have to Offer

There are plenty of ways you can make an impact. And our team is all in. You have the opportunity to work with students, and there’s always someone who’s got your back from coaching you through a bad day to helping you grow professionally. While every educational setting is ever-changing and the day-to-day of school leadership comes with its unique challenges, with the support of a co-leader in the Director of Operations and a team of supporting leaders, you are sure to have the skills, resources and support needed to get the job done.

Mindsets and Experience

  • Passion for education and a dedication to Coney Island Prep’s mission.
  • Steadfast belief that all students can achieve at the highest academic levels and deserve an opportunity to succeed in the college and career of their choice.
  • Bachelor’s degree required; Masters degree preferred.
  • Cultural competencies to work in low-income communities and a willingness to examine own biases across lines of sameness and difference.
  • Maintains professionalism through excellent organizational skills, timeliness, regular communication, and meeting deadlines.
  • Self reflective and open to feedback, with the ambition and desire to grow one’s professional practice.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit, embracing the opportunity for creativity and hard work inherent in a school leadership.
  • A positive, solutions-oriented attitude and drive for excellence.
  • Eagerness to work collaboratively as part of a team.
  • A strong track record of building positive relationships across various stakeholder groups demonstrating a value towards diversity and inclusivity.
  • A positive, solutions-oriented attitude and drive for excellence.
  • Champion effective instructional data practices and assessments.
  • Ensure that systematic interventions occur whenever students are struggling; monitor quality and effectiveness of interventions to ensure they are rigorous, disciplined, and high-impact.
  • Support a culture of high academic and behavioral expectations.


School Leadership

  • Reinforce the mission of the school with staff and inspire them to act on the mission every single day; exude urgency, excellence, and optimism; use the mission as a litmus test for school-based decisions.
  • Exercise strong decision making prioritizing what will have the greatest impact on students; instill staff with a feeling that they are contributing to something greater than themselves.
  • Reflect on actions and adjust behavior and systems accordingly; ask regularly for feedback; model humility and admit mistakes; seek out thought partners.
  • Select, hire, and manage performance of all academic staff.
  • Maintain robust personal organization system that ensures all tasks or “To Do” items are captured, prioritized, and ultimately accomplished; plan each day and week to ensure that top priorities are addressed and accomplished on time.
  • Actively participate in Principal and School Leader Development meetings, engaging in discussion, sharing best practices, and participating in school audit visits.
  • Respond to requests from the WHALE team in a timely manner, working with network staff to ensure compliance with CIP policies and procedures.
  • Conduct weekly 1:1s with Chief Schools Officer


Teacher and Leader Coaching

  • Manage, coach, evaluate and develop secondary school leaders, including Deans of Student Culture and Vice Principals, to ensure excellence and consistency amongst teaching staff.
  • Support secondary leaders in developing leadership skills in instructional coaches and grade-team leaders.
  • Observe lessons and provide on-going, specific, actionable, positive and constructive feedback that ensures the teacher can translate the feedback into improved instruction.
  • When necessary, directly manage teachers, ensuring their constant improvement in teaching practices through coaching, professional development, modeling, and collaborative planning.
  • Hold teaching staff accountable for implementation of research-based curriculum, teaching methodologies and practices ensuring rigorous instruction that prepares students daily for college or post high school careers.
  • Analyze school-wide data regularly.
  • Run high-impact interim assessment data debriefs.
  • Build and provide accountability to academic systems.
  • Establish a data-driven culture in which student performance and mastery of standards drives instructional decisions.
  • Collaborate with Dean of College to ensure that academic program and resources to students ensure all students are college ready and secure acceptance to at least one college or university by their graduation.
  • Collaborate with Director of Special Education to ensure student needs are met daily and best practices for students with special needs are implemented daily by teachers.


High-Quality Professional Development

  • Design and run high-quality professional development sessions.
  • Work with each team member to set clear, measurable, outcome-oriented academic goals for the year and plan professional development opportunities around those academic goals.
  • Monitor progress of all academic goals and ensure implementation of academic program to meet or exceed yearly student achievement goals.


School Culture

  • Ensure that the learning environment and classroom instruction maximize student learning.
  • Build effective relationships among teachers, parents, and the community to improve student performance.
  • Partner with Deans of Student Culture to support efforts in character development and school culture to facilitate meetings with parents when discussing a student’s academic progress.
  • Lead and grow a learning environment where character development practices are present and active in the work of staff and evident in work with families and staff.
  • Ensure disciplinary issues are addressed immediately or in a timely manner and with consistency.
  • Ensure and maintain high standards for student behavior, performance, and attendance.
  • Foster a school climate that supports both student and staff success and promotes respect and appreciation for all students, staff and parents that is aligned with the mission and values of the school.


Co-Leadership with Director of Operations

  • Work collaboratively with Director of Operations to ensure strong school-wide systems, proactive planning for every component needed to have a successful school year, and effective problem solving around campus issues.
  • Ensure the safety and security of all students, staff, visitors, and public and private property.
  • Adhere to CIP HR policies and state/federal employment laws.
  • Provide lateral accountability and feedback to Director of Operations in order to build strong relationship which models the Six Pillars of Co-Leadership:
    • Be one another’s first team.
    • Over-communicate.
    • See success as shared and failure as shared.
    • Speak with one voice.
    • Leverage each other’s strengths, and mitigate each other’s weaknesses.
    • Be brutally honest


Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Work across difference while ensuring structures and practices exemplify cultural competence.
  • Demonstrate a personal and professional value for DEI work.
  • Commit to building structures and systems to create equitable and inclusive school environment for students, parents, and staff.
  • Develop positive relationships with community stakeholders.
  • Exhibit a high degree of professionalism in all elements of this position, while serving as a contributing member of the school team and a dedicated role model for other employees.


Benefits and Compensation

  • Employees at Coney Island Prep are provided with a generous salary and an annual retention bonus after their first year.
  • As a regular full time employee of Coney Island Prep, you will be eligible for benefits that include medical, dental, vision, and life insurance as well as a 403(b) retirement benefit package with match and Paid Family Leave.
  • Staff are provided with a MacBook Air and access to all the necessary technology and resources needed to succeed in their role.

Start Date

Flexible (April-July 2019 ideal)

Contact Information

Interested applicants should go to http://coneyislandprep.org/careers/career-opportunities to apply for available jobs. Coney Island Preparatory Public Charter School is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital or familial status, national origin, citizenship or disability. We want Coney Island Prep to be a place where students and staff of all backgrounds, experiences, and identities feel as though they feel valued and can excel.



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