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Full-time School Support

Job Description

This posting is for a 1.0 FTE Behaviorist/BCBA position. A continuting 180-day, 7.5 hours daily contract. Current or pending School Behavior ESA Required.

Position Description: BEHAVIORIST


Assess and evaluate student needs for behavioral support, collect behavior data, conduct functional behavior assessments (FBSs) and develop behavior intervention plans (BIPs) in conjunction with assessment and IEP teams, consult with and support staff working with students with extreme behaviors, respond to behavioral crises, instruct students in social skills and self regulation, act as a resource for staff, parents, and community.


To effectively perform the essential functions of any position with the District, regular attendance is required and expected.

1. Knows and applies special education laws, rules, and regulations governing the education of children with disabilities.

2. Selects, administers, and interprets emotional and behavioral assessments to identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual students. Collects behavioral data and uses it to establish social and behavioral goals in collaboration with IEP teams.

3. Develops collaborative relationships with staff and parents and involve them in assessment, interventions and program evaluation procedures.

4. Takes leadership in the development of FBAs, BIPs and social and behavioral goals where appropriate.

5. Assists students in developing self-esteem and responsible behaviors; models appropriate behavior; acknowledges, discusses, rewards, and corrects student behavior; disciplines students as necessary; maintains student safety.

6. Integrates information obtained during assessment into an accurate and useful overview to be used for determining program and service eligibility and interventions.

7. Compiles written behavioral reports as needed.

8. Communicates with students, parents, administrators, counselors, specialists, staff and others on individual student needs and progress; facilitates and participates in problem-solving as needed; maintains effective communication for student benefit.

9. Participates in school and district decisions; attends meetings, activities and events; serves on committees as appropriate; promotes student learning and achievement; promotes positive public and community relations.

10. Serves as a resource to school staff members in the development of behavioral interventions; provides inservice education and serves as a consultant to teachers and school staff members.

11. Responds to student behavioral emergencies and assists to de-escalate students as needed.

12. Attends multidisciplinary team meetings as needed.

13. Maintains all records/logs/reports to assure compliance with state and federal rules and regulations.

14. Maintains confidentiality at all times.

15. Initiates, expedites, and manages referrals to other agencies and specialists, as appropriate.

16. Provides district personnel with specialized information on students referred for behavioral services.

17. Uses effective strategies for interventions with at-risk students.

18. Observes and provides support to registered behavior technicians (RBTs) and other paraprofessional staff working with students with behavior goals.

19. Collaborates with student support advocates, counselors, and other specialists working with at-risk families and students.

20. Works directly with support services personnel, parents, and school staff when developing individual educational programs for students with disabilities

21. Consults with principal and staff concerning behavior management and/or design of specialized curriculum.

22. Keeps abreast of developments and improved techniques in the field by participating in in-service training and program development activities.

23. Has the ability to ability to work a flexible schedule and travel between buildings.

24. Participates in special education and District committees, as appropriate.

25. Follows The Code of Ethics and maintain a high standard of professional behavior.

26. Has strong computer skills.

27. Performs other duties as may be assigned by the Director of Special Education.

28. Directs the activities of assigned non-certificated personnel as appropriate.

29. Assists in a variety of building management activities, such as supervising halls and play areas, assisting visitors, maintaining a positive school environment for learning and teaching, and related activities.

30. Serves as member of instructional team of the District; performs related duties consistent with the scope and intent of the position.


Requires proficiency, diplomacy, discretion, and effective oral/written communication skills in the form of student/parent/staff relations and conflict/problem resolution; requires good listening skills; requires excellent planning, organizational, and time management skills; requires excellent concentration skills; requires adaptability and flexibility to different student, staff, parent, and community learning/working styles and abilities to promote effective relationships; requires effective student discipline; requires regular and effective decision-making skills, including creativity and flexibility in problem-solving; requires performing under stress when confronted with emergency, critical and unusual situations, and day-to-day deadlines; stress and/or tension is a frequent part of the job; requires ability to establish and complete priorities and objectives; requires substantial self-discipline in behavior and attitude; requires modeling effective and appropriate behavior at all times; requires ability to work independently; requires excellent collaboration/cooperation skills and ability to work as part of a team which may include outside professionals; requires patience and understanding when working under stressful situations in a classroom setting and when working with students with special needs; requires setting up and maintaining accurate files and records; requires excellent reading, writing, math, and written/oral communication skills; requires a high degree of proficiency in English usage including grammar and spelling for the composition and formatting of own correspondence and records/reports; requires performance of detailed work in reference to preparation and computation of data and analysis of information both verbally and in written form; requires maintaining composure when working with distraught, angry, or hostile individuals; requires de-escalation and mediation skills; requires knowledge and understanding of special education laws (WAC 392.172); requires knowledge and understanding of current research, theories, and trends in psychology and special education; requires administration of rules, regulations, policies, and laws related to public education; requires demonstration of knowledge of type of psychological assessment tools and technology applications and uses; requires proficiency in assessment skills and analysis and evaluation of assessment results and student progress and achievement; requires strict confidentiality; requires understanding and proficiency in operation of personal computer and software programs; requires effective ability to direct activities of non-certificated staff; must possess genuine interest in helping others with mental, social, physical, educational, and vocational needs.


Exposure to visual display terminal; dexterity and precision required in the operation of a computer; sitting for extended periods of time without restrictions to provide concentrated individual testing to disabled students; twisting upper torso and neck and slight bending forward without restrictions; occasional bending at waist to floor; lifting/carrying objects weighing up to ten pounds constantly, 11-24 pounds occasionally; 25 and over pounds rarely, assistance may be requested; good visual ability; must possess excellent hearing to communicate with disabled students, especially when providing individual instruction to those who may have speech impairments; possible exposure to diseases carried by children; may require attending to students' personal hygiene; may be required to attend evening meetings or activities; may represent the district on potentially sensitive or controversial matters.


Educational Staff Associate (ESA) certificated psychologists OR certificated special education teachers may apply. Earned Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certificate preferred but will consider BCBAs who have completed coursework and are obtaining experience for final certification. Experience working with students with maladaptive behaviors required. Fingerprinting required (satisfactory background clearance; valid Washington State driver's license required. Right Response de-escalation training required (will be provided by the District if needed).


The preceding list of essential functions is not exhaustive and maybe supplemented as necessary.

  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Category: Special Education > Behavior Specialist / EBD
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