Sep 16, 2020

Data Manager

$65,000 - $80,000 yearly
  • Weston Public Schools
  • 89 Wellesley Street, Weston, MA, USA
Full-time Database Administration

Job Description

Position Overview

The Weston Public Schools is seeking a Data Manager to oversee school database systems, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) reporting, coordination of workflow processes, communication systems, and information management and sharing. This is a 12-month position, reporting to the Director of Technology and Libraries. We are looking for a diverse pool of applicants who are inspired by our mission to educate, equip, and inspire all students to achieve their full potential and enrich their community.

Key Responsibilities

  • Create data field normalization standards and protocols for data elements not already defined by the state
  • Ensure the integrity of student academic records and normalize for entry into electronic databases
  • Create workflow processes to manage and secure student data and electronic records
  • Coordinate processes and deadlines as needed to gather, report, and organize data reported to DESE on students
  • Import student testing data for use in analysis tools
  • Create links between and among the various database systems
  • Coordinate, enter, import, export, and clean data for use by and among various systems including network account information, telephone system information, HR, EPIMS, Student scheduling, discipline, photos, IDs, food services, health, and other systems as needed
  • Maintain the District’s dashboard with assistance from various departments
  • Use various software tools to analyze and report statistical and graphical information about student performance
  • Train administrators on how to access and use analysis tools as needed
  • Perform basic user and administrative configuration of communication tools including telephone, softphone, Instant message, video conference, and unified messaging tools
  • Provide/assist faculty and staff with training on various communication and data reporting tools as needed
  • Configure intranet resources for use in workflow and data sharing needs
  • Provide/assist faculty and staff training on how to utilize and create intranet resources
  • Attend state DESE meeting related to data reporting and analysis
  • Coordinate processes and deadlines as needed to gather, report, and organize data on Civil Rights Data Report (CRDR) reported to the Federal Government on students
  • Attend quarterly meetings with other data specialists from surrounding towns as coordinated by EDCO
  • Maintains Infinite Campus Parent Portal including sending information to new parents/guardians, assisting parents with access to the portal and disabling portal accounts
  • Assists in the coordination of Student Registration held throughout the district and verifies that all processes and documentation required for enrolling a new student has been submitted and is complete by building level staff
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of Technology and School Libraries

Tools and Equipment Used

  • Microsoft Office product including Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Exchange, SharePoint, InfoPath and the Live Communications client
  • Student Information Systems (Infinite Campus)
  • Data Analysis tools including Edwin Analytics and Tableau
  • FileMaker Pro and SQL
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Database security and file/share permissions management

Desired Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Minimum of five years experience with database systems, online portal workgroup environments, a working knowledge of SQL, Microsoft Office technologies and their function as related to communications
  • Familiarity with the K12 educational environment, and the DESE data requirements
  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects
  • Flexibility and a desire to work in a team environment
  • Organized, efficient, and capable of meeting deadlines
  • Maturity, and ability to maintain confidential information
  • Strong communication skills

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