Sep 18, 2020

Mossyrock-Substitute Bus Driver

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  • Mossyrock, WA 98564, USA

Job Description

The job of the Bus Driver is to transports students to and from school with safety as the first priority.


  • Perform such school-related duties as assigned by the supervisor.
  • Abide by all laws, rules, and regulations in the State of Washington Transportation Manual.
  • Maintain such books and records as assigned by the supervisor.
  • Report all accidents to local school authorities and to Law Enforcement as required by law.
  • Follow time schedule for pick up and delivery of children.
  • Communicate effectively with the school staff and the public.
  • Stop at all railroad crossings and have visual and audible proof that it is safe to cross before proceeding.
  • Abide by all laws when loading and unloading passengers.
  • Maintain reasonable disciplinary control and follow proper procedures through the citation system.
  • Perform pre-trip and post-trip inspections for the bus each and every time it is in use to ensure the safety of the occupants.
  • Know and follow district policy and chain of command.
  • Deal with students, parents, staff, and others in a positive, encouraging manner.
  • Act ethically and confidentially in all aspects of employment.
  • Keep interior and exterior of bus clean to an acceptable level.
  • Fueling of buses and other transportation vehicles as needed.


  • Over the age of 21 years
  • Must have a satisfactory driving record as revealed through checks with the Washington State Department of Licensing
  • Ability to apply for and acquire a Commercial Drivers License with appropriate endorsements
  • Pass a drug and alcohol test, criminal background check and physical examination
  • Willing to attend and satisfactorily complete training as required in the State Transportation Manual
  • Demonstrated ability to accomplish the major duties and responsibilities listed below. Be able to meet and continue to meet the requirements set forth in WAC 392-144

Supplemental Information:

An employee working in this position shall at all times be subject to the direction of the person to whom said employee has primary responsibility or said person's designee(s) and at all times
shall be subject to the rules, regulations, and policies of the District as promulgated by the Board of Directors. Each employee shall be held responsible for having knowledge of said District's rules, regulations, and policies which have been reduced to writing and made available to the employee at the building principal's office, the high school library, and the district-wide administration office.

The employment period shall be as specified by administration with leave as specified in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Public School Employees and the Mossyrock School District. The salary shall be commensurate with the employee's appropriate place on the approved wage scale.

Performance of this position will be evaluated annually by the District's Transportation Supervisor in conformance with District policy and procedure.

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Job Categories: Instructional Support > Substitute
Support Staff > Transportation
Equal Opportunity Employer
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