Sep 21, 2020

Guidance Counselor

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Full-time School Support

Job Description

Caverna Independent Schools District Position Description
Requirements stated herein are minimum levels of knowledge, skills and/or
abilities to qualify for this position. To perform the duties and responsibilities of this
position successfully, the employee must possess the abilities and aptitudes to perform
each task proficiently. "Ability" means to possess and apply both knowledge and skill.
The methods of meeting these requirements are subject to possible modification
to reasonably accommodate qualified individuals with disabilities. Some requirements,
however, may exclude individuals who pose a direct threat or significant risk to the
health and safety of themselves or others.

Under direction, to provide behavioral, educational, career, and vocational counseling to
individuals and small groups of students; to assist students in understanding and
seeking solutions to social, emotional, or academic problems and issues; to serve as a
resource pertaining to student behavior management strategies, and welfare and
attendance problems and concerns; and to do other related functions as required.

This position classification requires subject matter expertise commonly taught in public
schools, and counseling and guidance knowledge and skills. Directly related
experience is suggested to perform problem analysis using widely prescribed principles
and concepts. The position classification performs decision analysis and makes
decisions of considerable consequence, requiring the application and interpretation of
data, facts, procedures, and policies. The incumbent meets frequently with school
administrators, teachers, other staff, and parents to communicate information, data, and
alternative problem solutions. This position requires accurate perceiving of sound, near
and far vision, depth perception, providing oral information, and handling and working
with instructional and assessment materials and objects.

? Spend at least 60% of employment time providing direct services to students.
? Perform individual and group counseling and guidance functions and activities,
including career and vocational, and social and emotional adjustment counseling.
? Collect, organize, and analyze student information through the use of educational
historical data, test results, and through the use of interview techniques.
? Appraise student interests, aptitudes, and attitudes utilizing a variety of
assessment strategies and techniques.
? Provide information and data to students concerning educational, career, and
vocational planning.
? Serve as a resource to site and District personnel, and members of the school


? Meet, confer, and counsel with parents, school personnel, and members of
various youth serving agencies in developing alternative solutions to student
educational, social, and emotional problems and concerns.
? Assist in the development and monitoring of individual education plans for
students with exceptional needs.
? Maintain a liaison with social service and youth service agencies in pursuing
referral follow up activities.
? Pursue evaluation and research activities to determine counseling and guidance
? Assist in the planning, development, and implementation of master student
program calendars as relates to mental health services.
? Assist in identifying school program needs, and participate in developing school
instructional programs geared to meet individual pupil needs.
? Assist in the planning, development, and conduct of programs that enhance
student educational, career, and vocational opportunities, including speaker
programs, student visitation programs, and other similarly related activities.
? Establish, maintain, and monitor the maintenance of a variety of files and records
pertaining to student counseling, guidance, and related matters.
? Assist in dealing with student behavior management problems, and in resolving
welfare and attendance problems and concerns.
? Plan, develop, and present, as requested, a variety of management related
reports pertaining to site counseling and guidance functions and activities.
? Any other duties assigned by supervisor

Knowledge of:
Principles, methods, techniques, strategies, and trends in educational, vocational,
career, social, and emotional adjustment counseling;
Applicable and appropriate aptitude, interest, and achievement appraisal instruments,
techniques, and procedures;
Social service and youth service agencies in the local area;
Social, emotional, and behavioral characteristics of adolescent students;
Program evaluation and research techniques, strategies, and procedures;
Appropriate curriculum and instructional programs pertaining to students with a variety
of aptitudes and varying interests.
Ability to:
Assist students in effectively analyzing and developing alternative solutions to
behavioral, educational, social, and emotional problems and concerns; Conduct,
analyze, and effectively utilize a variety of individual and group testing procedures and
instruments applicable to student clients; Effectively deal with site and District
personnel, parents, social and youth service agencies in resolving student problems
and concerns; Effectively participate in the planning and implementation of school
guidance and curricular programs; Communicate effectively in oral and written form,
and as required by the assignment; Understand and carry out oral and written directions


with minimal accountability controls; Establish and maintain effective organizational,
public, and community relationships.

Any combination of experience and training that would likely provide the required
knowledge and skill is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the required knowledge and
skill would be:
Equivalent to the completion of an earned Master of Arts or higher degree in
psychology, counseling and guidance, or a closely related field.

Possession of certification as required by Kentucky law.

  • Position Type: Full-time
Job Category: Student Services > School/Guidance Counselor
Equal Opportunity Employer
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  • Stacy Bradbury
  • 1102 N. Dixie Highway
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