Jan 13, 2024

Teacher, CTE HS Culinary Arts (2023-2024 SY)

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  • Charlotte, NC, USA

Job Description

Summary: Under general direction of a principal, provides leadership in an educational environment that encourages and nurtures learning for all students. Provides supervision to students in a variety of school related settings, monitors and evaluates student outcomes, develops, selects or modifies lessons plans to ensure all student needs are met, and maintains appropriate records and follows all policies and procedures of NCDPI and CMS. Provides quality standards-based instruction in the area of Culinary Arts; assesses and encourages student progress, manages an effective learning environment to maximize student achievement.

Essential Duties: (These duties represent a sample and may vary by position.)
  • Demonstrates and teaches Culinary Arts in a classroom setting with professional kitchen equipment, food, beverage, and professional cookery, sanitation and professional Food Service Management.
  • Provides instruction and course/program management in the overall knowledge and application of kitchen management with front and back of the house skills of the food service industry
  • Demonstrates knowledge and implements a "hands-on" approach to critical thinking and problem solving skills needed for current and future food service industry employment standards.
  • Prepares instructional materials, maintains equipment, and manages materials of instruction which maximize the resources needed to deliver effectively a diverse instructional program including student completion of the ServSafe® examination.
  • Maintains sanitation and facility standards within a commercial kitchen environment consistent with Mecklenburg County Environmental Health Food and Facility regulations.
  • Runs an organized and industry related entrepreneurship project while maintaining a classroom setting.
  • Supports culinary extracurricular activities by attendance and/or advisory role.
  • Attends scheduled faculty meetings, department meetings, curriculum meetings and training meetings.
  • Participates in student recruiting opportunities, student orientation, open houses, instructional and student competitions (local, state and national), professional conferences and other events directed by the principal or culinary curriculum coordinator.
  • Provides instruction in teamwork, communications, problem solving, decision making, and computer technology which relates to work place and higher education skills needed in the food service industry.
  • Works with staff and post-secondary institutions to develop and maintain career pathways which prepare students for apprenticeship, licensure, community college, or university degree programs.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of, and leads student experiences in, related student organizations.
  • Contributes to the mission of the school by striving to attain school improvement plan and career completer goals.
  • Works with employers and community groups to promote and advance technical skills.
  • Creates an instructional environment that is conducive to the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of students.
  • Communicates standards, achievements, and deficiencies to students and parents. Meets with students and parents.
  • Maintains complete and accurate student academic, attendance, and disciplinary records. Monitors and assesses students' academic progress.
  • Collaborates with school administrators, other teachers, para-educators, parents, and community members in the education of students.
  • Instructs and demonstrates proper safety practices, procedures and standards.
  • Creates and plans effective curriculum based projects and activities correlated with a specific construction concept in mind
  • Collaborates in the identification, development, implementation and coordination of work study arrangements
  • Demonstrates techniques to students as a group and one-on-one, helping them to complete lessons, assignments, projects, activities and evaluations.
  • Provides students with clear expectations, continual feedback, and logical consequences.
  • Provides students with opportunities to expand their skills and knowledge base
  • Participates in field trips to post-secondary institutes, worksites, businesses and hands-on workshops
  • Manages inventory control including purchasing materials, supplies, equipment and tools
  • Performs related duties as assigned.
Residency License(s)

Required Degree Level:

Bachelor's Degree


24 credit hours in the Content area


Passing the NC SBE Licensure Area Exam


Completion of NCSBE Pre-service Requirements


Enroll in EPP (Educational Preparation Program)

CTE Restricted License(s):
  • Bachelor's degree in a related area and two years industry-related work such as chef, restaurant manager, food service manager, dietitian, nutritionist, extension agent specializing in foods and nutrition, catering manager experience within the past five years.
  • Associate's degree in culinary arts such as Food Science, Culinary Arts, Dietetics, Food Service Management, and four years of industry-related work experience as described above within the past eight years
  • For pay purposes, two years of work experience is held in escrow and released if a four-year degree related to area of license is completed.
  • ServSafe® Manager Certification

ServeSafe® Manager Certification required prior to teaching foods and culinary courses and courses with food units.

Preferred Credentials:

Professional Chef Certification

Professional Baking Certification

40 Hour Induction beginning Year One

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