Jan 13, 2024


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  • Westfield, MA 01085, USA
Full-time Education

Job Description

Seeking qualified applicants for the following JOB GOAL: To assist the teachers achieve teaching objectives by working with individual students or small groups in an effort to provide them with the physical and emotional support needed to meet the program goals. RESPONSIBILITIES: Assist the student(s) to whom assigned in such physical tasks as putting on and taking off of clothing, moving from room to room, using the lavatory, feeding and so on. Works with individual students or small groups of students to reinforce learning of material or skills initially introduced by the teacher. Assists the teacher in devising special strategies for reinforcing material or skills based on a sympathetic understanding of individual students, their needs, interests or abilities. Establishes as fully as possible a supportive and sympathetic relationship with the student(s) without fostering or encouraging intense emotional involvement. Assists with the supervision of students during emergency drills, assemblies, play periods, and field trips. Assist teacher in duties relating to the supervision of playground, lavatories, cafeteria, and bus loading activities. Assists with lunch, snack, and clean-up routines. Participates in in-service training programs. Any other duties as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee. REPORTS TO: Teacher/Special Education Supervisor and Building Principal The terms of employment and salary schedule will be commensurate with the Westfield Public Schools Unit D contract. Performance in this position will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Westfield School Committee policy on evaluation. This position subject to funding

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