Jan 13, 2024

Anticipated- Kids Place Coordinator

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Full-time Administrative

Job Description

The Glenwood Community School District is currently accepting applications for an Anticipated Kids Place Coordinator starting 01/09/2024.



Position: Kids Place Coordinator

Center Coordinator Requirements:

Centers that have multiple sites shall have a center coordinator or on-site supervisor in each center. The center coordinator is responsible for the overall functions of the center, including supervising staff, designing curriculum and administering programs.

The Coordinator shall ensure services are provided for the children within the framework of the licensing requirements and the center's statement of purpose and objectives. The center coordinator shall have overall responsibility for carrying out the program and ensuring the safety and protection of the children.

The center shall submit information in writing to the child care consultant before the start of employment. The Department shall make the final determination. The information submitted shall be sufficient to determine that the coordinator meets the following minimum qualifications:
  • Is at least 21 years of age
  • High School Diploma or the equivalent; will need higher education to qualify for points
  • Has completed at least one course in business administration or 12 contact hours in administrative-related training related to personnel, supervision, record keeping, or budgeting or has one year of administrative-related experience.
  • Has certification in infant, child, and adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), first aid, and Iowa's training for the mandatory reporting of child abuse.
  • Has achieved a total of 100 points obtained through a combination of education, experience, and child development-related training as outlined in the following chart:
    - In obtaining the total of 100 points, a minimum of two categories must be used, no more than 75 points may be achieved in any one category, and at least 20 points shall be obtained from the experience category;
    - Points obtained in the child development-related training category shall have been taken within the past five years;
    - For coordinators in centers predominantly serving children with special needs, the coordinators may substitute a disabilities-related or nursing degree for the bachelor's degree in early childhood, child development or elementary education in determining point totals. In addition, experience in working with children with special needs in an administrative or direct care capacity shall be equivalent to full-time experience in a child care center or preschool in determining point totals.
    - For coordinators in centers serving predominantly school-age children, the directors may substitute a degree in secondary education, physical education, recreation or related fields for the bachelor's degree in early childhood, child development or elementary education in determining point totals. In addition, child-related experience working with school-age children shall be equivalent to full-time experience in a child care center or preschool in determining point totals.



(Points multiplied by years of experience)



Bachelor's or higher degree

in early childhood, child development, or elementary education


Full-time (20 hours or more per week) in a child care center or preschool setting


One point per contact hour of training not duplicating training from the last 5 years.

Associate's degree in child development or bachelor's degree in a child related field


Part-time (less than 20 hours per week) in a child care center or preschool setting


Child development associate (CDA) or one-year diploma in child development from a community college or technical school


Full-time (20 hours or more per week) child development-related experience


Bachelor's degree or higher in a non-child-related field


Part time (less than 20 hours per week) child development-related experience


Associate's degree in a non-child-related field or completion of at least two years of a four-year degree


Registered child development home provider


Non Registered family home provider



Every center MUST have a coordinator that is approved. The coordinator is responsible for the overall function of the center and is essentially the leader of a small business. The coordinator of a center must have an understanding of good business practices, administration, and child development in order to:
  • Ensure the overall well-being of children
  • Establish healthy, safe, and developmentally appropriate practices
  • Hire and maintain competent , motivated staff and provide for their professional development
  • Set appropriate expectations for staff
  • Maintain clear communication with parents
  • Manage the center and provide for the financial soundness of the center over the long-term

• Experiences in a leadership capacity in the areas of child care services and programs.

• The ability and skills to effectively assign, supervise, and evaluate Classified personnel.

• The knowledge and skills necessary to maintain license of the center/programs.

• Hold current DHS required trainings such as certificates in CPR, First Aid, and Child Abuse Reporting Training Session certificate. Attend required hours of professional growth annually in the areas

• Child development

• Guidance and discipline

• Developmentally appropriate practices

• Nutrition

• Health and safety

• Communication skills

• Professionalism, business practices

• Cross-cultural competence.

. Knowledge of basic typing skills, computer word processing, database, and Spreadsheet.

. Ability to apply public relations skills effectively and utilize oral and written channels of communication.

. Provide an acceptable criminal records check.

Major Areas of Supervision: Kids Place: programming, budget, personnel, licensure

Reports To: Superintendent

Consults With: Superintendent, Principals, Directors, Teachers, AEA Personnel, and Department of Human Services Personnel

Performance Responsibilities:


• Provide and maintain a nurturing environment for the supervision of all children present in the program.

• Supervise daily activities and materials for the children in the program that contributes to the care, growth and development of the children who are in attendance.

• Monitor the child care rooms with the children during program hours.

• Maintain a waiting list of children enrolled in the program.

• Prepare reports for the Director of Student Services or superintendent when requested.
Reports may include specific information on enrollment, purchase requests, collection of fees, activities, snacks, credit card, employee discounts, yearly rate increase, special programs, anticipated needs of the program, behavior problems, and staffing.


• According to the budget, request and purchase necessary materials and supplies for use with children. Maintains and orders breakfast and snack supplies and an inventory.

• Manage the distribution and collection of all materials for program use.

• Manage ACH transactions weekly and families having a zero balance owed weekly.

• Do weekly billing statements for transitional contracts and Promise Jobs. Maintain Department of Human Services contracts bi-weekly.

• Maintains CACFP yearly application, monthly claims and annual audits.


• Coordinate the scheduling of staff, resource people and/or clubs who provide programming.

• Hire and evaluate on-site leaders, lead teachers, and child care associates assigned to assist with programming.

• Consult with the Superintendent in case of hiring, termination, and probationary status.

• Locate substitute associates and provide substitutes with guidance and a schedule of the day's activities.

. Approves employee time and attendance.

• Communicate with custodial staff for the purpose of maintaining facilities and equipment.


• Keep current, orderly and complete files of required child/staff records according to licensing specification for information and location of record keeping. Keep all required postings current.

• Maintain a responsible discipline policy and report persistent behavior problems to the Director of Student Services. Record misconduct on appropriate forms and secure all signatures.

• Follow licensing and school procedures to safeguard the health and safety of the children in the program, which include but are not limited to hand washing, sanitary measures, playground safety rules, rules regarding the use of supplies and equipment.

• Be knowledgeable of the emergency file and emergency procedures. Maintain current, written plans and diagrams for use in case of fire or tornado, which will be posted by all exits. Plan, implement and supervise a schedule of required fire and tornado drills. Maintain a current, written plan for medical emergencies and keep staff informed of it, so that it may be implemented as needed in case of an emergency.

• Maintain current, written procedure for the storage, recording, and dispensing of medications.

• Oversee staff requirement and reporting of attendance of required professional growth hours.

. Completes purchase orders as needed.

. Update family and staff handbooks on a regular basis per state specific requirements.

. Maintains current supplies and an inventory of supplies.

. Operates computers, calculators, copiers and facsimile machines

• Performs other duties as assigned.

Terms of Employment: Twelve month position. Salary schedules shall be subject to annual review and modification by the Glenwood Board of Education or through the collective bargaining process, where one exists.

Evaluation: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board's policy on Classified Staff Evaluation.

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