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23/24 Teacher - EC Homebound, 50% 238005

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Part-time Education

Job Description

TITLE: Exceptional Children's Homebound Teacher (10-Months)


QUALIFICATIONS: A four-year degree from an accredited institution with NC
certification in the area of Exceptional Child.

REPORTS TO: Nursing/Homebound Coordinator

JOB GOAL: To plan, organize, and present instruction and
instructional environments, which help students
learn subject matter and skills that will contribute to their
educational and social development.


Management of Instructional Time

The teacher has materials, supplies, and equipment for each lesson ready at the start of the lesson or instructional activity; gets the lesson started quickly; gets the student on task quickly at the beginning of each lesson; maintains a high level of student time-on-task.

Management of Student Behavior

The teacher has established a set of rules and procedures that govern the delivery of Homebound instruction. Has established a set of rules and procedures that govern student verbal participation and talk during different types of activities. Stops inappropriate behavior

promptly and consistently, yet maintains the dignity of the student.

Instructional Presentation/Elements of Instruction

The teacher identifies an intended goal and makes decisions to reach that goal during instruction; identifies steps or increments of learning one level beyond where the learner is functioning and begins instruction at that level; elicits feedback from the learner and makes

decisions relevant to the feedback during instruction; effectively and appropriately use the Principles of Learning as they apply to the lesson: (motivation, active participation, retention, transfer, anticipatory set, closure, and reinforcement).

Facilitating Instruction

The teacher has an instructional plan that is compatible with the school and system-wide curricular goals and students' IEPs; uses diagnostic information obtained from tests and other assessment procedures to develop and revise objectives and/or tasks; maintains accurate records to document student performance; has an instructional plan that matches/aligns objectives, learning strategies, assessment, and student needs at the appropriate level of difficulty (curriculum alignment); uses available resources to support the instructional

program. If the student receives Homebound instruction due to disciplinary reasons the teacher shall deliver instruction that addresses the behavior that resulted in a Homebound placement (e.g., social skills, anger management, etc.).

Interacting Within the Educational Environment

The teacher treats all students in a fair and equitable manner; interacts effectively with students, co-workers, parents, and the community.

Performing Non-Instructional Duties

The teacher carries out non-instructional duties as assigned and/or as needed is perceived; Adheres to established laws, policies, rules, and regulations; follows a plan for professional development, and demonstrates evidence of growth.

Serves as a team player and role model for other employees in the organization; demonstrates a commitment to continuous quality improvement; supports and exhibits organizational core values of caring, respect, integrity, responsibility, high expectations, being customer-driven, and valuing diversity.

Performs other duties and accepts responsibilities as assigned.


  • Must be able to provide physical restraint when necessary.
  • Must be able to feed students with disabilities who cannot feed themselves.
  • Must be able to lift and transfer students to and from wheelchairs, the floor, mat tables, the toilet, the bus, etc.
  • Must be able to provide and assist students with personal hygiene, including changing diapers, menstrual pads, etc., needs during the school day.
  • Must be able to provide CPR when necessary.


Must be able to visually track and supervise the movements of children.

Must be able to read IEPs and other printed material.


Must have auditory acuity necessary to be aware of student verbal behavior and other auditory cues necessary for effective classroom management.

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